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Thread: Account Activation Problems/Usergroup issue [Merged]

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    I'm still getting emails saying one more step to register. Something about secondary user.... Please help me

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beany View Post
    I'm still getting emails saying one more step to register. Something about secondary user.... Please help me
    Hi Beany,

    The admins have been notified of your problem, and they will contact you with a solution soon.
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    Primary/Secondary Usergroups

    I cannot remove a secondary usergroup. Can someone tell me how to do this/where to find it to delete it?

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    Hi Robin - is it this message you're seeing? "This user's primary usergroup is also listed as a secondary group for this user. Please change the primary group or remove the secondary group"

    If so, that's a technical problem Playrix will need to fix for you. I can let our Admin know, if you confirm that is indeed the issue.

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    Hey Beany,

    Kindly follow the verification link once again to complete the registration process.

    Thanks a lot in advance!


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    What is going on. The URL is not real it sats in my mailbox and it came from YOU. Alk i wanted to do was enter the poetry contest on fishdome. 2 1/2 hours later you have redirected me 6 or 7 times. My email address is valid. My password is current. Tbis is the 3rd time in 3 weeks Your site has had a problem with me. Then you say I cant register because of a primary user is duplicated or something about a secondary user,have to erase1 or the other. I only have 1 account with you

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    Tracey could you please either post or PM me a screenshot of what you’re seeing so admin can see what the problem is? Thank you and sorry for the issue.
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    I received an answer to me trying to enter this forum. You emailed me saying that my email address was not valid. It's funny because you sent the refusal to THE SAME address. Lol That's the only was I could receive it. I think it's funny! I'm sending my e-mail, the same way as before and I would just like to enter this forum. Trying to sign up has now taken me 46 minutes and you refused me. Can this be fixed, please? Thank you.

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    Hi Mary, are you getting a message saying "This user's primary usergroup is also listed as a secondary group for this user. Please change the primary group or remove the secondary group." If you could PM me (or Nevada or Dread) what you were sent, we can pass it to Admin for a look. It does seem, though, since your post is here and you're listed as a New Member, that you are in fact able to post in the meantime.

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    Difficulty in joining forum

    I'm in a couple of Township groups whose members don't speak English, and in the last couple of days I've read quite a few posts from people who've wanted to join the forum to take part in the "Beta test time penalty" thread, but who have been unable to do so.

    First of all they don't speak English, and most of them have said they aren't given any language options, apart from a few who who could access the registration form in Russian. But the main problem occurs afterwards. After getting the verification email and trying to log in they encounter this:


    English is my first language but I have absolutely no idea what those two sentences mean! So I would guess that a non-English speaker may be more than a little perplexed. It's not just a recent occurrence though - when I first started playing the game on Windows, about three years ago, the same thing happened to me. I tried everything I could think of (which admittedly wasn't much ), but nothing worked, and eventually I just gave up. Then when my old laptop died and I started playing on Kindle I gave it another try and managed to register with no problem at all.

    I know Playrix isn't responsible for the technical side of this forum, but is there any way to ask the people at vBulletin® why this happens, and what the solution is?

    It seems a shame that people are missing out on the wealth of info there is here, and those of us who did manage to join are missing out on meeting new people. There was a thread in February called "What Townshipper are you?" which was apparently viewed 323,867 times - I wonder how many of those "viewers" tried to join but couldn't?? (Not saying I think it would be a good idea for 300,000 people all to join at once of course )

    ps. It would also be nice (inclusive) if registration instructions were available in other languages, but I'm not sure whether that's down to Playrix or vBulletin.

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