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Thread: Money troubles

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    Money troubles

    So many times I've been stuck on a level and I am 3 moves or less away from winning but I can't afford to buy the extra moves. This is due to the fact that those extra moves cost 900 coins and I can only make back less than 100 on most typical levels. I think the cost should be lowered by at least half or reward more coins after completing a level. Let me know your thoughts.

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    I also think that the rewards of 50 or 100 coins overcoming the various levels including fees for unused upgrades are too low..The rewards of Austin should be at least 500 coins to decrease the difference with the cost of the boosters.

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    I do agree, the amount for the extra moves/ time length is rediculous. I made the mistake of buying them during the first 15 levels or so, but just left my precious coins to refill five lives vs anything else. It seems to payout better for me in the long run... However, it seems not to be more than what I "spend"

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