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Thread: What To Do If You Suspect A Player Or Co-op Is Cheating

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    Exclamation What To Do If You Suspect A Player Or Co-op Is Cheating

    If you've stumbled across this thread as a player who was banned/co-op that was disbanded unfairly,
    please refer to this thread in the Township Troubles & Solutions sub-forum.

    You and your fellow co-op members are dedicated racers who've taken a lot of time strategizing how to win first place and move up the Global Leaderboard. A crucial part is sizing up your opponents at the start of the race to see how quickly you should complete tasks. Everything seems to be fine. You're in the lead and in good spirits. notice that the 3rd place co-op has overtaken you and become 1st. could they get 3000 points in just an hour??? It doesn't make sense. They must....BE CHEATERS WHO CHEAT!!!!!!!!111 C H E A T E R SPELLS CHEATE RE


    I hear you, but take a breath. Are you sure there isn't another explanation?

    Sudden jumps in point count and the like are always going to be frustrating, but it's not a definitive sign of a player or co-op cheating. Regattas bring out the competitive side in everyone while also being subject to syncing issues and time glitches.

    • Many racers prepare for tasks in advance and have honed other legitimate strategies.
    • Many racers are happy to spend hundreds if not thousands of legitimately purchased tcash to win.
    • Many racers experience delays. Meaning they'll complete 3-4 tasks over an extended period of time but not have the points register for others until later. Sometimes it depends on their wifi connection; other times it depends on yours.

    Playrix's official in-game FAQ (Settings >> Help & Support >> Fair Play >> I think I found someone cheating. What should I do?) backs this up. An excerpt appears below (with the full text also being available online here).

    The following may be signs of a cheater:
    • Statistics at the town hall don't correspond to the town level.
    • The town looks different from other towns at the same level (e.g., all territory expansions are unlocked for a low level town).
    • The town has a lot of identical decorations that can only be bought using T-cash.
    • The town looks abandoned, though the player is still very active.

    These signs aren't conclusive proof that someone is a cheater, however. Be wise and use your own gaming experience to draw good conclusions.
    It's recommended you take a look at these popular threads:

    Each features some great breakdowns of racing strategies and smart calculations by long-time expert players. There's a fair chance that the player or co-op you suspect is making use of them.

    You can also take advantage of the search function on the upper right for more insight. Searching for "cheating" will let you see how other players have dealt with certain scenarios.


    Feeling a bit unsure?

    You're welcome to post a thread in Township Troubles & Solutions and ask for advice. A lot of wonderful players take time out of their day to engage with forum questions and discussions and will be happy to help you. Be sure to have a clear thread title and explain the situation/why you suspect cheating in detail.

    DO NOT POST THE NAME OF THE PLAYER OR CO-OP. Many innocent players have been accused in the past and it's resulted in a lot of heartache. If you include names, your thread will either be edited or deleted by moderators without warning.


    Confident about your suspicions?

    Your best bet is to report the player or co-op in-game.

    1. Tap the blue cog (settings) button on the left side of the screen.
    2. Tap the green "Help And Support" button.
    3. Tap "Fair Play" and then "Contact Us" on the upper right side.
    4. Type in the player's town name and level as well as the name of their co-op as needed (attach a screenshot if possible), an explanation of why you think the player is cheating, and a screenshot to prove your point (again, only if possible -- camera icon on iOS/paperclip icon on Android).
    5. Make sure to fill in your name (mandatory) and email address (optional, but encouraged).
    6. Tap "Send".

    The blue cog button will have a small notification sign when you receive a response. Chances are an automated message will appear rather promptly.

    If that doesn't work well, you can report them online through the "Contact Us" form near the bottom of this page.


    What happens now?

    Township has a very high intolerance for cheating.

    While Customer Support has its many issues (e.g. restoring accounts that were unfairly banned on a timely basis), they're solid in this area. You can be sure all reports are read and players/co-ops examined.

    You won't generally receive a personalized response. It depends on the particular person at Customer Support.

    If it's been two weeks or more and the player has not been banned or the co-op has not been disbanded, you can trust that Playrix has determined there was no cheating. They make use of several programs that are fairly impossible to trick.

    Reporting the same player or co-op repeatedly will not result in a different determination (unless they've recently picked up cheating/used a hack/etc).


    If you have any other questions or information you think should be added to this thread, feel free to send a Private to a Moderator: dreadnought or Nevada.
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