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Thread: Barn Upgrade: Colour and/or Style

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    Barn Upgrade: Colour and/or Style

    We were having a discussion in our co-op about the sizes of our barns (and no, we won't start a joke sequence there) when one of the team members said that they wished that they could make their barn GOLD. Well, that got me thinking.

    There are barn upgrades for the size of the barn, but what about upgrades that could be earned/bought that allowed you to have a Gold Barn or a Blue Barn or a Pink and Purple Polka-Dot Barn. (You get where I'm going with that.)

    Alternatively, maybe you want to go for a different style of barn instead of the traditional red with green tin roof. Maybe you want something more chic or more barbarian. Different styles of barn could add a new dynamic to the way a player lays out their town.

    Both of these upgrades could be done either by level or with coin/t-cash (or both, for that matter). But it might add a new twist. Imagine a silver barn in the middle of winter in a town design of a tree with the barn as the crown atop the tree. Okay, maybe not that, but you're imaginations appear to be bigger than mine, so I'll just give you this to get you started.

    Let me know.

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    I like this idea. A blue barn would be neat.
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    An aye from me. Another nice way to customize our towns without messing with animation... win win.
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    Ditto. Really fond of this idea.

    I'll see if I can add it to "creative" section (I don't believe it's been suggested often) of the Frequently Suggested Ideas sticky.
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