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Thread: How Many Levels?

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    Thanks dreadnought - for answering and moving my question to this thread :-)

    I'm playing on MacOS, so I guess I'm lagging a little behind ;-)

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    I am playing level 2847, do not know how many will come after this one.

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    2921 seems to be the last for now, but if the new levels are added on time, then there'll be another 35 either today or tomorrow.

    Looking forward to completing the Dino "Jungle."

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    23 September 2018

    Last one😭

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    Last Level in the moment is 3166

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    On PC/Mac there are only 3061.

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    Last Level in the moment is 3201

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    Quote Originally Posted by Felix M. View Post
    Last Level in the moment is 3201
    I realize there have been new levels introduced on some of the platforms, but for me, it's been 3201 for almost three weeks now. Been demoted three times because of that (which I don't mind much to be honest).

    What about you folks - which level are you at?
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    Gotten far

    I love this game ... I actually started playing garden scape about 10 years ago on wild tangent where you would have to find hidden objects... until I found this gardenscape and got completely hooked I'm currently up to level 2111 only problem I have is I only hit the jackpot once on the present wheel lol no biggie though still a great game

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    I really really enjoy playing this game. Not sure why or what I am so addicted to. lol. But I sure have become hooked.
    I’ve been stuck on level 193 for days and it’s driving me insane. ☹️

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