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Thread: How Many Levels?

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    Why only 25 new levels on 11-29-18

    I am on level 3411 as of December 1-2018
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    How many levels?

    I am just wondering how the levels are added in game. Are the new levels added every week or are they added with each release? In both cases how many are them? Thank you very muchh

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    Currently (I'm on the mobile phone) I'm on Level 3421. There are higher levels I'm just not sure how many more. When you reach the end of the levels...typically you have to wait until Thursday for new levels to be added and I believe there are only 25 games/levels added each Thursday. When you are waiting for new levels to be added...the developers make available chest levels to keep you occupied while waiting for the actual new levels which typically come on Thursday.

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    Currently on 3516

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    Currently on 3544 . Need one more star to finish 2nd day of meteorite area

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    I am on 3525 playing on an IOS iPad.

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    I am on level 3621, About half way through the Astronomy Garden.

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    I'm on an Android mobile, Samsung S9 Plus. I am on 3621 and waiting for more levels. I have been playing for 2 years.

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    On level 3656 waiting for new levels. Just finished meteorite area

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    Level 3691 actually playing boxes again.

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