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Thread: Animated Rocket Ride (Merged Thread)

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    Animated Rocket Ride

    Kinda dumb, but all the other rides are animated and move, why not the rocket ride?

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    The rocket ride was animated, but it was changed with an update (don't remember which one now). However, you're not the only one who wants it back, it was requested a lot, so Re-animate Rocket Ride (as it was before or differently) made it to the Frequently Suggested Ideas list. So for now we can only hope it will be changed back..

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    rocket ride

    the roller coaster and ferris wheel move but the rocket ride must be broke down. put the rocket ride in motion!!!

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    Good idea! I have an amusement park in my town and it would be great if all the rides in it moved!
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    This is already in the "Frequently Suggested Ideas"-list.
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    There are other threads on this of which I seem completely unable to find at the moment.

    As I understand it, the rocket ride did move originally, but with that, the Ferris wheel, and the roller coaster all in motion in was causing something akin to motion sickness and was subsequently stopped. It's been suggested (hoped for) that the rocket will be started up again, but slower and at intervals instead of constant.
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    The Rocket Ride???

    I was just wondering, is it possible that you could add animation to have Townspeople actually riding in the Rocket Ride?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lclegg1978 View Post
    I was just wondering, is it possible that you could add animation to have Townspeople actually riding in the Rocket Ride?
    This is on the list of frequently suggested ideas, however it has also been known to induce nausea for some. See this thread
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    Well if it’s like the other rides, it only moves when you poke them.

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    Okay, I understand! Township is a great game!

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