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Thread: Animated Rocket Ride (Merged Thread)

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    Larry Rhoades

    Animated Rocket Ride (Merged Thread)

    Having the rocket ride go round and round while going up and down, just like the real one at the fair, would be super cool.

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    Hi Larry. This has been requested 100's of times over the past 2 years. So far it has not been implemented. When placed next to or near other rides that move in other directions it is nausea inducing for some players.

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    Bethany Clarke
    I agree that is would be really cool. It would look great next to all my other amusement park rides that run.

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    Rocket ride

    Totally agree can always hope

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    Rocket Ride

    It seems that the rocket ride is the only one that doesn't have moving parts. I think it would be fun to see it turn slowly and methodically have each ship go up and down. Is this a possibility?

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    Hi Roz. The Rocket Ride gets brought up every few weeks since it was first introduced. When first purchased, it moves briefly and then never again. One of the reasons was the up-down motion of it if placed next to other moving rides created a nausea effect for some gamers viewing them.

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    If that was the case, just make it rotate. It should be animated like all the other venues. Both the Dutch windmill and the wind turbine should rotate. These items are "moving" objects and should rotate. Hold an event to raise funds to purchase the parts and labor to repair the Rocket Ride. Kids at the amusement park are sad!!!

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    More Animation

    Rocket Ride
    Toy Store
    Gas Station
    Taxi Lot
    Motor Showroom

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    Fun park rides

    Is it possible to animate the rocket ride like the roller coaster and the big wheel. My little girl asked me to ask every day watching us play

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    Rocket Ride

    I wish the rocket ride was animated so that it went around and up and down.

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