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Thread: Add More Creatures: Stingrays, Octopi, etc.

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    Add More Creatures: Stingrays, Octopi, etc.

    U should b able to buy turtles, starfish, stingrays,octopus & other under water animals.
    Also u should be able to move ur fish from 1 tank to another.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lyuba Mashkarina View Post
    Hello there! This idea is truly wonderful! I'm sure our players will be super happy to have different sea creatures in their aquariums. I'll definitely pass your thoughts to the team
    Yes!!! I want to have Seahorses in my tank. Not just seahorse decorations but seahorses swimming around in my tank like the fish.

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    Bottom Feeders

    How about algae eaters or other bottom feeders available as fish as well as eels the suckers could cling to to screen!

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