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Thread: Lost lives (hearts) between night and the next morning

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    Lost lives (hearts) between night and the next morning

    This is the third time this has happened now--I stop playing at night with a certain number of hearts (last night it was around 150) and when I started playing this morning, I had 8 (only what I received since starting to play).

    I have shut down and restarted the game, rebooted my Android phone, disconnected and reconnected to FB, and the hearts have not come back, as they had in a previous instance where the game kept freezing on me--not the case this time, game is running smoothly but my hearts are GONE. Has anyone else seen this?

    I do have an ongoing chat with CS since this happened about a week ago, but in that case was referred to information on how to reinstate lost friends. The rep is very nice but doesn't seem to be understanding my issue.

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    If I don't use them when I first see them mine are ALWAYS gone the next time I open the game never have more than what I receive each day

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    Hi there! I'm sorry this happens to you guys. We're investigating the issue now, hope to fix it soon!

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    I am a daily player of this game and I had about 50 lives a couple of days ago now I have 14 honestly I don't think that's fair and I think that it needs to be looked into and resolved.. if it's a known issue then you need to find a way to compensate me and these other players for the lives that they're losing! I'm very addicted to the game! I love playing it but if conditions like this continue I may just stop especially if it seems as though the programmers just don't care!

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    How do you get that many lives when it only refills to five? Is it from the wheel?

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