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    It would be nice to have a counter to see how many items are in the barn, like the regatta task one, so you dont have to go in the barn all the time

    It would be great to have the regatta start and end at different times. By the time I wake up, all the "good" tasks are gone, and if I'm trying to finish off a last task, I can't because I'd have to stay up too late.

    A little more consistency with the ads would be fair. I have never watched a video for Tcash, but I keep hearing about them. I buy Tcash, so why shouldn't I have a chance at free Tcash?

    A platinum level for the regatta would make it a lot fairer. Our co op has a variety of levels, none over 100, and we always end up in the gold level, competing against teams with much higher levels. I know you are supposed to be able to compete with them anyhow and have a chance to win, but it hasn't ever happened. Our team cannot compete against teams that have everything upgraded to level 20 or whatever, and have played together for a long time. Yes, our tasks are easier than theirs, but are still hard for our most junior members.

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    Hi, if the regatta started at different times, it would be too confusing for all members around the world. Are your co-op members all choosing the same types of tasks to do or sharing out the easier ones? Are the tasks on the taskboard being dumped in a timely manner? Towards the end of the regatta you may need to concentrate on doing quicker easier tasks. If you're struggling then you need to raise this issue in chat or maybe you should look for a co-op where the majority of members are in your timezone.

    You can always look at the co-op adverts in the sticky threads here or place your own.

    With regards to the videos, these appear for random players. Some get them from time to time, some have never had them. You may get them at some point in the future. Purchasing tcash does not necessarily mean that you won't ever get them.
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    I had videos regularly, one or more times a day, then I made a purchase of Tcash and I haven't seen one anymore. I have read somewhere in the forum that I must wait at least a month without purchases to see them again

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    I've purchased cash for each event, and I have never lost the video man. It's different for everybody I think

    As for the barn counter, I would love to have a toggle option to let me see it all the time, not just when collecting items.

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    Здравствуйте. Сделайте пожалуйста киви кошелёк. Когда необходимо купить монеты ( деньги) там нет киви кошелька, с него очень удобно пополнять.

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    My concern is competing against Co-ops that far outrank our small beginners one. Some of the tasks are just about impossible at our level, such as hundreds of harvests of rubber trees or silk plants, same with fruit from the islands. According to the rules dumping is bad. My suggestion is simple, it's a computer game, there should be a way to factor in levels that keep these impossible tasks from appearing to small, low level Co-ops. My group is PRAYING to be demoted out of thr Golden League! It's a game, not a job! We've purposely dumped 11 or 12 tasks we are not able to preform that will not go away. Can they disappear after a day at least? We really liked the Regatta until this race. Now we just don't feel it's worth the effort.
    Remember, it's a game! We're suppose to be enjoying ourselves.
    Thank you.

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    Hi Susan

    Dumping tasks is bad only if you have a co-op of 20+ members and wish to be on the leaderboard, mainly the top 200. If your goal is just to have a good finish in each race, dump as many tasks as you wish. Yes they come back very often. We just keep dumping them. You can dump hundreds of tasks in a week. It will just have a good effect on your regata, no ill effects.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Anemone View Post

    It would be great to have the regatta start and end at different times. By the time I wake up, all the "good" tasks are gone, and if I'm trying to finish off a last task, I can't because I'd have to stay up too late.
    I don't mean to have different times for everyone, but rather, one regatta would start at 11am my time, next one may start at 4 am (like it does for me now). ie, change the times between them ending and starting.
    I don't mind the starting time so much, it's the ending time that kills me. Yesterday I set the alarm to wake me at 4 am so I could finish off that last task.

    So if sometimes the regatta ended at a decent time for me, it would be wonderful.

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