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Thread: Township Is Cheating!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Christina Goins View Post
    With the hot item i did not Confuse the times. It was early in the day on Sunday when i looked. I know the difference in the times you mentioned. I clicked on the actual hot item.. and it tells how long that offer is good. It says. .offer ends in 15 hrs ...or however much time is left. ..
    In that case, when your Hot products change in the middle of the day instead of midnight, take a screenshot and report it from within the game. There is something wrong with the timer. It is not a cheat, it is a bug in your game.
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    Please read this important post by Playrix about Township : Wishes/requests already rejected by Playrix

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    I did a rubber tree challenge for the regatta. I planted when I accepted. Used the double up from the lab and I too was 4 short when I went to harvest. I ended up with 60ish rubber trees in the barn and 4 short on the regatta challenge. I too have to wait 12 hours to do again. Something fishy going on.

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    Hi Debberer,
    as was mentioned before, this has to be a glitch in your game.
    This thread was started 2 years ago, so if it was a regular thing it would have kept going.
    Im guessing you can't send a screenshot now, but I woukd send an ingame report anyway, see what they say.
    Good Luck

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    Hi Christina, i am so sorry to hear about your bad experience, i have had the same when changing devices. You have not indicated whether you change devices but Graylady always has a good explination for miss happs, im not saying you made a mistake, but it is not possible for the game to cheat. The game is not a pesonal entity. The game is a server based on algorithyms, if I am correct. Keep in mind that it is the games aim to make money, not to cheat you.

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    Not sure Christina will see your reply Dreamy,
    This thread is 2yrs old from her post.
    But I agree with all you have said

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