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Thread: In-Game Friends

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    In-Game Friends


    I was wondering if we'll ever have in-game friends in Fishdom. None of my FB friends really play games, and I don't want to have strangers as friends just to play a game!

    I'm missing having friends to visit and help out.

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    Boris Lebedev
    Hello MimG,

    Sadly, for now you can only add your Facebook friends, who also play the game.

    However, I'm sure that in the future updates, there will be a lot of new ways of adding friends. Stay tuned!

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    Thanks Boris, I'll look forward to it.

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    It would also be nice to be able to have friends through Google. I do not like to use Facebook on my Android Phone at all (I simply do not trust FB security, and do not ever play the game through FB (I only play Pocket Fishdom, which I do not see a specific thread for.))

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    Hi Flute

    The game is not yet available for android so we will have to see.
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    Hola necesito amigos

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    I am looking for English speaking friends please.

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