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Thread: In-Game Menu Listing Products

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    In-Game Menu Listing Products

    A nice feature would be a menu or something like it where it's possible to see in which products shrimps, potatoes, fabric etc are used in instead of as it is now that you have to look thru all the ingredients list for every product to see where ie shrimps appear.

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    That's an interesting idea, maybe something like the order board for the zoo?

    In the meantime, I think this info is on the township wikia. Better to have it in game though

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    If I recall correctly, the table at the Wiki is huge; wouldn't know where they should display that sort of info in the game.

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    On the wiki, there is a list of all products snowing the ingredients they are made of. DD is right, it is a huge list. But there is no list the other way around showing what we can make with a product. As this is level dependant, it could be quite complicated.

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