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Thread: Played Five Days In A Row & No Rewards

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    The awards for the 5-day playing has begun working.

    Now I am losing purchased items. I saved and purchased 2 blue arrowheads to place around my mermaid like an arch and purchased 1 red arrowhead. When I came back to play, one of the blue arrowheads disappeared. And the red arrowhead had moved to almost off the page.

    Can you guys open up a Facebook page like other games do? This forum is do difficult to get to and it won't allow me to post a "new post".
    With a Facebook game page, we can help each other with issues and add our Facebook friends to play.

    Plus, I would've known someone answered my above issue. Didn't know they had, until I worked my way here to post about my disappearing coral issue.

    Love, love this game!! Gets to be very challenging and I love that about it!! Best game out there.
    I'm glad you have a 1/2 hour limit on the 5 plays, otherwise I'd be playing 24/7.

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    Here is the link to the Facebook page:

    As for starting a new thread, maybe you are just trying to do it at the wrong place. You have to enter a section, like General Discussions and when you see a listing of existing threads, you see a button to Post New Thread at the top left of the page.

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    Boris Lebedev
    Hi MamaCookee,

    Glad to know that the achievement is working fine now.

    As for the lost decorations, first of all you might want to check if you have accidentally placed them to the background of your tank. The decorations get smaller when you put them there and it's really easy not to notice them. You can also look for them in the Warehouse (the Chest button at the bottom of the screen).

    If you are sure that the decorations have disappeared, please contact our Support Team via Report an Issue Tab in the game, an we will help you to get them back asap.

    I'm glad to hear that you enjoy the game and I hope that you will continue playing!

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    I had a similar issue when trying to reach 30 days in a row. I was at day 19, checked it the next day and saw that it was back to 15/30. Since then I've been checking it every day and I'm at 23 days right now. I'm hoping to reach 30 days with no issues.

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    Boris Lebedev
    Hello HippieChick74,

    Please submit a request to our Helpdesk via Report an Issue Tab in the game, and describe this situation in your letter. Our Support Agents will ask the developers to look into the matter and make sure everything works fine.

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