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Thread: Zoos With Excellent Design

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amoria View Post
    Thought it might be nice to have a thread centered on zoos -- as a companion to "Towns With Excellent Design."

    Do you have a particular zoo you admire? Are there a couple zoos where it's obvious a lot of thought has been put into them? Do you return to a few zoos again and again to see how they've incorporated new zoo decorations? Well then, show off your friends' zoos or your own zoo here!

    Be sure to state the relevant platform (iOS/Android/Kindle or Windows or MAC) and the co-op tag so members can easily locate them. If you're unsure of another player's platform, take note of what platform you're on as you wouldn't be able to see them without that compatibility.

    Screenshots are more than welcome.


    My zoo is more of a storage center than anything else at the moment. Please don't look at it lmao (I'm serious).

    My current favorites among my friends are:

    Town Name: Far Niente Bay
    Platform: iOS/Android/Kindle
    Co-op Tag: #SG7RY7 (aka Sogno Mare)

    I really like how they incorporated the florist house and set up the water landscaping around the plaza/main sitting area. It's one of those zoos where if you slowly scroll though you're like OH! that's neat....buT WaIT! that's alSO cool...a lot of time/thought/effort went into it.

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    Town Name: RYAN'S HOPE
    Platform: iOS/Android/Kindle
    Co-op Tag: #SSYJYK (aka SOS: SAILING ON SOLO)

    I really like how they went for a cohesive theme overall - with gerberas flowers, floating lanterns, and the deck floor pattern scattered throughout. It gives them a bit more freedom to not always split up of enclosures by ground type (grass/sand/dirt/snow).

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    Town Name: Beth
    Platform: iOS/Android/Kindle
    Co-op Tag: #SHUNUR (aka Shutting The Barn Door!)

    I really like how they've surrounded most of their enclosures with individual fences. It makes everything neat and easy to spot. They also created a central pond in the middle that's decorated with all of the animal sculptures.

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    So -- three very different ways to design! Hope they're useful in terms of inspiration.
    Amoria....just seeing this today... Thank u so much for mentioning my zoo... I have such a good time decorating... It really means a lot to me when others like it too... I tell ya, just like I tell my hubby... If I do go "nuts" -- in my mind I will b "living" in my town . I try and visit as many towns as I can... Even during Regatta I'll visit others town... Those likes (though we know as long as we like it is enough...), makes us feel kind of good... Thanks again... Kim

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    I am really proud of my zoo.
    Antonio Bay in the helping hands co-op
    #VGFC67 on Android

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    You're zoo is seriously amazing. The way the water makes it look like one big enclosure! Brilliant!

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    My zoo is my pride & joy :0)

    I’ve still got 1 enclosure to go..

    All my animals have been named 😁 shame others can’t see - Eg. my angry male alligator is called ‘Boo ;0)’

    I’ve spent a lot (too much lol..) of time planning and decorating, with different sections..
    My favourite feature, is the ‘fallen log’ deco with the hidden animal, in front of my dinosaur exhibit- it looks terrified of my T-Rex 🤭

    Come visit, and please give me a like while your there 👍

    Thanks - GlenPeace
    Invite code - EAYMD6
    Co-op - ‘11 Oceans’ #RUDQ9M
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