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    Level 748

    Hi I am so stuck. I can't see it is possible. I looked for video but it shows totally different layout.
    I have to get 8 emeralds, 50 fireflies; to do that I have to reach two bomb boxes that are surrounded by jars which in turn are surrounded by mushrooms. I have 32 moves. The bomb boxes need colour matching really close. By the time the mushrooms cleared and a few jars my moves are gone. I don't get even close to requirements. Best I have done is 6 emeralds and 25 fireflies. I have used all the power-ups, to no avail. Nothing helps with the bomb boxes anyway......and I need bomb boxes to clear emeralds trapped in a corner.....
    Can anyone help. It is driving me nuts with frustration.

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    Screenshot_20170729-095702.jpg just so you can see how it laid out

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    Oh yikes. I remember this level, but unfortunately I don't remember doing anything specific to beat it (other than trying a lot - I think I was on that while I got an infinite lives prize). I would just keep resetting your inital startup until you get at least one bomb on the starting move. Also try to make matches nearest to the bottom if you don't have a better move. This will give potential for more combo matches.

    Other long-time players may be able to lend more insight. Good luck!

    (If you still have some shovels left, you might consider using them on one or two hard to get mushrooms)

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