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Thread: What Factories Should I Get?

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    What Factories Should I Get?

    Ok, so I am at level 83 and have all the factories from the candy factory and down.Now that I've finished building all my comm. buildings, I was going to start adding some of the other factories. I have over 200 market boxes and always hire Raj, so which one(s) do you think I would benefit from most?

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    Hi Shelly

    I suggest building them in the order they are offered. This way you will get access to many more products. I just checked the Mexicain restaurant and, at level 83, you can make every product in it. The information is all HERE on the Wiki. Click on a factory to see the list of products and their level.

    I would skip the Jewelry though.
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    Yes, skip the jewelry factory. I built it but have never even bought one box so if I were to use it, I could only make one thing at a time without buying more, lol! I never built the mint, at least.

    Oh, and I have never seen a plane or train asking for jewelry so I wouldn't worry about not building it.
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    Hi Shelly

    Graylady's advice to buy them one by one in given order is wise.

    Let my share some thoughts and observations also.
    I have all factories and from my experience:

    - jewelry factory is pure waste of money, unless you have all your factories, trains and islands upgraded to the top and/or consider selling jewelry as a source of T-cash
    - love perfume and especially coffee factories - i.e. 7 cup of espresso (3 coffee grain+1 sugar +15 minutes before upgrade per one cup) bring you over 1500 coins in a plane box
    - if you have two duck feeders and like feeding quties then buying down feather factory is a good thing, also parkas give some good coins in friend's trains&planes
    - if you have opened and upgraded fish island, asian restaurant is a must have
    - in my city demand for products of doll and kitchenware factories is low, so if you use Raja, you can buy these products from time to time
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    I did what Faye said and got the jewelry store after all the other factories. Surprisingly, I use it more than expected, making items here and there with extra ore to fill copter orders. So, no regrets on that part. I definitely regret buying the mint, though. Lol
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    thanks everyone for the input!!

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    Generally like most things that are unlocked with play its best to build them in the order provided.
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