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Thread: Level 748

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    Level 748

    Hi I am stuck on 748.....used all power-ups, such as they are, and don't even get close. I tried looking up videos of the level for any hints and it's a completely different layout!! Spent weeks on this level, and it's just too hard. It takes almost all my moves to just clear the wretched mushrooms, so no chance at all of clearing two stupid multi coloured bomb boxes. You have to match the colours so close them and the jars of fireflies in way, which you can't clear until the mushrooms removed, which takes most of my moves......😠

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    Can anyone help?

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    Could you give us a screenshot of the level you have? I would like to help but I can't remember this exactly.

    Also, if you look on YouTube for the levels around yours (745-754ish) you might find it. A lot of levels shifted numbers recently. I'll try to have a look later.

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    Definitely try the YouTube route as its hard to remember which levels are which, there are just about walkthroughs for all levels.
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    Thank you Screenshot_20170729-095702.jpg it's very very hard...or at least I am finding it hard

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    I came here too look up this level also...very hard!

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    Me too - share your frustration

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    Sorry, finally did it with extra lives and shovel, having spent the whole of the 5 free hours I got from the flower game on it, For those still on it, the next level is only a bit better!

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