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Thread: Tree of Light Can Now (?) Be Placed In Zoo

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    Tree of Light Can Now (?) Be Placed In Zoo

    After glancing through the Frequently Suggested Ideas sticky, Jurrien was kind enough to let me know that he had recently placed his Tree of Light in the zoo. It's something many players wanted (e.g. to blend with animal enclosures that draw from China/East Asia) and so I thought to put the word out. I've tried it out myself and it works!

    I searched the forums to see if anyone else had noticed before, but didn't find anything outside of the standard requests and I have no idea when that change was made or if I've just been in my own universe while everyone else has long since moved on (lmao). God, I hope I'm not that oblivious.

    Unfortunately, the Bunny Village remains confined to one's town or decoration storage. This gives me hope though!

    Good chance a future update sets it free.
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