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Thread: Town Disappeared & Unable To Re-load

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    Question Town Disappeared & Unable To Re-load

    For three days my son was enjoying your game but on the fourth the game completely disappeared even before he had the chance to finish his buildings. We have done everything from soup to nuts without any success. HELP a sad player who really enjoyed the game. Can anyone help us restart the game again?

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    Hi Andrea

    Not sure what happened to your son but the first thing I would do is go to your app store and search for Township. If you see an Install button, it means the game was probably deleted by mistake. Just installed it again. If the button say OPEN, just click on it to start the game. Could be the icon was deleted on the main screen.

    Another place to check is in the settings of the device and look through the list of installed apps.

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    Thank you for the help we will try it and see what happens

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