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    Thank you kindly

    Quote Originally Posted by Marie007 View Post
    Honor, you have awesome town!
    I sent you "LIKE".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cathy Purr View Post

    But among my favorites by all means has to be Denis: Can't pronounce russian co-op name, but tag is #Y43KNK.
    I always linger around when I'm there and enjoy. Hope you'll like it too.
    Yep! Or in other words: Holy Crap. ;-)

    I really had to search for the factories! very different concept.
    And he seems to have ALL flags! wow.
    His zoo seems to follow a similar way of displaying deco :-)

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    Ooh, the flags, almost forgot about them, lol. He sure has them all ... but can't tell how often he has put the russian one there!?
    And boy, I've not even been to the zoo. The plaza is so mesmerizing.

    This really isn't about making fun of unusual designs, but about the fun discovering what you never could have done or even dreamed up yourself.
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    Dear Mr. Cobalt,

    I take great exception to the referral of Bunnies as freaks, (although the term freak was worn as a badge of pride by some of my associates during my misspent youth). I need to make it clear that I am not offended, instead I am rather concerned.

    You see, my town has numerous what appear to be "bunnies". However, please understand that these are not bunnies but highly trained ninja agents of OOTP in disguise. (Please do not ask me what OOTP stands for as it is top secret and I may have said too much already.). In any case, these ninja agents in disguise protect the COOP I belong to from the evil agents of PlayTricks and any other nefarious beings with intent to spy, harm or otherwise injure my COOL partners.

    The ninja "bunny" training compound is located at the top right hand corner of my town. The compound includes barracks, family quarters, assorted statues and a parade ground. The parade ground is in constant use. A small detachment of these esteemed warriors has been assigned to patrol near a cottage one of our dear COOL members visits daily. (However, there is a minor problem with the landscape plants being eaten).

    Recently a larger detachment has been deployed to the town square immediately behind the town's sign. The agents arrived after an arduous tour day march from the compound, while Radar towers were placed in the town square to assist with communicating with the base Camp and the esteemed Pea. (The identity of Pea is also a closely guarded secret, so please keep the name under wraps). The deployment of these highly trained agents was caused by a serious sense of disquiet on the part of the town's people. Fortunatly, the townies are half the size of the "bunnies"

    The disquiet in the town was caused by the town's mayor being severely irritated, if not downright annoyed and grumpy. If the town's mayor is annoyed and grumpy, the townies arecalso. You see there has been a quirk in the Regatta Task board. The current tasks of each and every racer is not always shown. The member's avatar will disappear we drop of a hat. The only way to correct this problem has been to close the game, restart the device and reopen the game. This situation also affects the majority of the members of the COOP. The town's mayor realizes that a trouble ticket could be generated, however, the mayor does not want to be told that the ticket went to a spam folder or that the game must be deleted and reinstalled.

    Before I close, I would also make an observation based on my personal experience with my daughter's pet white rabbit, Thumper D'Bunnie. You do not want to call a bunny a freak to his or her face. They are easily annoyed and tend to bite with their sharp teeth and scratch with their sharp claws, (if they are not busy chewing the furniture or phone cords).

    Thank you so very much for allowing me to share with you. Feel free to visit my town. I believe you know how to find it. (PS, my avatar used to be a photo of my daughter at the beach until she was it and made me change it to a photo of Thumper D'Bunnie. My daughter is also the one who named my town).
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    A typical night for me. Up at an odd hour.
    But I was treated to some new additions to the summer tour of weird, bizarre, unusual, and yes freakishly decorated towns.

    Some thoughts for those who have posted. Graylady, I did try something similar to what you suggested.
    It worked part way. I guess freak will continue to be in the header, sigh.

    Cathy, what a town! I went there first thing. Denis has a lot going on there. This one will be one I visit again.
    It is like a good movie or book where you discover subtle nuances each time you visit. How about the drive in movie
    theater out in the fringe with the swan pond blocking entrance? Or arguably the ugliest Walk of Fame Statue in place of
    honor? That would be the policeman chasing the cat. Thanks for sharing.

    And Crestcat, yes, I did know the "back door" into finding your town and went to it immediately. I have nothing but good memories of you, the time spent in your Co-op when it was named something else. How can we have too many Bunehs, to borrow a term from Garvie? This is my kind of town. I have a confession. I finally banished my bunnies to the zoo. But you! You are not ashamed of your bunnies! They are everywhere. The town bristles with bunnies. And those UFO thingies lurking all over the place. I am not worthy. Perhaps in all of this, a father's love for his daughter is shining through. I especially like that. By the way, in addition to all of that, there is some nice color themes going on in your town too. Thanks for the hilarious post.

    Kind regards,
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    Be kind.

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    Oh. My. Gawd. rofling!

    Dear Mr. GCress,

    thank you so very much for sharing all these secrets with us, as far as you were allowed to. And bravo for staying in a town that's such a dangerous place. Good luck!

    I will have to check it out again and will look at it totally differently than before, LOL! Really, wonderful post!

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    Dear GCrest: Not to alarm you, but I must warn you that a gray cat has infiltrated at least 2 brigades of your ninja bunnies. Do you think he is a spy?
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    I love this thread.

    There are nice towns in Slovakia too - #CZQ9JK / Monika

    This town is very compact and unaffected by urban planning. The pink forest in the middle looks sweetly and the never-ending crossroads around are suitable for meeting people and cars. My English is too limited to describe such beauty.
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    Hey Marie: I just checked out your Town, instead. Very nice Town, nicely laid out - definitely NOT freaky or weird. Left a "like."

    Checked out Monika too. I N T E R E S T I NG.
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    There are nice towns in Slovakia too - #CZQ9JK / Monika
    Monika's town is well worth a look, thanks, Marie! The pink forest is already unusual, but the "short streets" are really funny - must be stressful to drive there! :-) - and I haven't seen them yet in such a big area (big places, yes, and streets in between, but not this way), lots to watch!
    (followed Nana to your town and agree, it's beautiful :-) )
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