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Thread: Interview with Vee aka Amoria!

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    Interview with Vee aka Amoria!

    Hey, Townshippers!

    We’re continuing our series of interviews, and today we’d like you to meet our forum moderator. Please welcome Vee (aka Amoria), our Wonder Woman who does her law studies while playing Township and moderating the forum.

    Interviewer: Hi, Vee! Will you briefly tell us about yourself?

    Vee: Right now, I’m doing a master’s in human rights law at a UK university. I’m in my late 20s – in the classic millennial bind of studying full-time and working part-time in the hope of one day earning enough income to pay back my student loans and feed myself. Life is pretty much working hard, playing (Township) hard, sleep.

    I.: What is it about Township that made you choose it over the other games you played?

    V.: I’m a longtime gamer. About 2 ½ years ago I was ready to give up mobile gaming completely but thought I’d try out the very last app I downloaded. It happened to be Township.

    After playing through a few levels, it was clear it didn’t fall into the same pattern. Put the time in to play every day and Township rewards you. Although it tries one’s patience at times, it’s the good kind of challenge—one where goals are achievable over the long-term—energizing me to stay focused and keep experimenting with strategies.

    Outside of that, Township’s graphic design, frequent large-scale updates, and clean interface are its best features. Most games issue updates rarely and with little content. I’m genuinely grateful Township dared to be different.

    I.: Does playing Township bring any changes into your daily life?

    V.: Yes! I’m a student in a competitive program and I have ADHD, which means just getting through the day intact is a miracle.

    Township has been a great tool to use when I feel my thoughts start to scatter. There’s something about the formula of filling orders, setting up factory queues, and looking at the ridiculously symmetrical way I’ve laid out my town…that helps me to center myself and reset the neurons in my brain.

    When I’m writing a paper or studying, I usually have the Township open and my phone next to me. 5 minutes of gameplay here and there and I’m back in business. It’s something Playrix probably never intended – but regardless a sincere thank you to them for creating something that offers me and other players some daily relief or distraction.

    I.: Why did you decide to become a forum moderator? What are the perks of being one?

    V.: I had moderated other game forums in the past and Township’s forum desperately needed one. Over the past few months, I hope that I’ve helped make this place more organized and open to both playful and frank discussion.

    Major perks are those moments of happiness when you help someone with a question/problem and they’re all excited like “thank YOU!! ))” and the ability to get to know players of all experience levels well. I’ve made great friends here and they honestly keep me engaged in Township more than anything else.

    I.: What’s more challenging: being a law student or a forum moderator?

    V.: Hahaha, this is my favorite question! They’re similar in many respects. I mean … boiling a lot of information down to a few sentences, anxiously opening inboxes because there are always new messages, excitedly organizing topics into their correct folders and with super cool titles.

    But… law student. No contest. They say if you can survive law you can pretty much survive anything.

    I.: In your opinion, what makes our forum so successful?

    V.: The Old Timers – as I call them. They’re those who’ve been players of Township and members of the Township forum for 2 to 3+ years. They take a lot of time out of their day to answer numerous questions, share the tricks they’ve discovered after years of gameplay, and create fun threads for everyone else to participate in. I think this place would have been obsolete years ago without them. They’re just…it's heart.

    Beyond them, the forum is simply better equipped to handle discussions. Here you can find the thread you need or create one that others can access. I’m glad it has experienced a recent resurgence in popularity. It should really be the first online stop for players.

    I.: Is there any Township character you associate yourself with and why?

    V.: My co-op friends tell me I remind them of the lady in the House of Luck. LOL, I think they’re just being nice…I’m lucky if I remember to brush my hair.

    So…hmm…I’ll go with the townie I call “Dude Walking A Pig.” He’s just minding his business and walking his pig and it’s nice, you know? Unbothered. He’s not me now, but as I wish I was. Pure nonchalance.

    I.: What was your favorite Township event so far? What future events would you like to participate in?

    V.: The 2017 Easter Event. I feel like that’s everyone’s favorite. Loved the mini-game involving bunnies and eggs, working together as a co-op to achieve rewards, and using cookies to purchase decorations. The graphics/animations were also super gorgeous.

    Oooh, I’d love a space/sci-fi/tech/steampunk style event. I sadly missed the Verge of Discovery event the first time around and I’d do anything for a chance at those decorations.

    I.: Do you have any tips for our new players?

    V.: 1) Read the forums. Skim the forum stickies. Use the forum search function to discover tips from players.
    2) Browse Township Wiki. Check out comments at the bottom of its articles. Play with its search function.
    3) Look at Township Mobile’s Facebook page. Take a peek at what’s going in the comments. The more you explore, the more information you’ll have to get a head start on developing your town.

    I.: How do you see Township let’s say in 3 years from now?

    V.: Whoa! Will have to think about this for a bit. [Three hours later ] I’m still kind of speechless. Hilarious given how much I’ve typed up for the rest of this interview. Um…a hundred new expansions added! LOL, I’m joking….mostly.
    I see Township being even more popular than it is now. I see new areas and features to explore. I see old community buildings updated and new community buildings added. I see new ways to interact with and help our friends. I see that island in the lower right of our screens having unveiled its mysteries. The possibilities are endless…
    Watching Township’s growth over the last 2 ½ years has truly been its own kind of reward. I sincerely hope that I remain an avid player in the years to come. To quote Dr. Seuss, “Oh, the places you’ll go!”

    I.: Vee, thank you for taking your time to answer our questions!

    If you guys have questions or just want to thank our interviewee, feel free to use this thread.

    Do YOU want to share your story with the Township community? Go ahead and apply for the next interview in this thread.

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    Great interview Amoria/Vee. I agree with a scientific event theme - it was fun and the decorations were cool! I too look forward to some new and unique additions to the Township game to relieve the monotony and to revive some older features.

    Thank you too for all your hard work and organizational skills as Moderator, and a special shout out thank you for helping players individually - as you did for me once. Very kind and thoughtful of you.

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    Love this interview! You've always been so helpful and genuine, Vee. I'm so glad you're in our co-op And you do look like the House of Luck lady For real! All you need is that fancy hat, lol.

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    That is really a good interview. It lets us hear you, Vee, so natural. :-)

    It is beyond me how you manage to do all you do, many thanks! and I wish for you that the fun stays in all these certainly "hard" things, too!

    ETA: I hope they'll give you your image as Avi pic also, super sweet and pretty!

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    Thanks Nana, Steph, and _DD_! You guys are too kind. <3

    Apologies again to Nastya for having to condense my original interview down. LOL, I wrote like...4 paragraphs for each question! You did a wonderful job keeping the key sentiment behind my words. I'll probably post the whole diatribe privately on Facebook (for any FB friends who might be interested). Please send my thanks to the artists for their hard work as well.

    Finally, I want to encourage everyone to apply for an interview of their own. It's surprisingly fun to take a step back and consciously break down what you love about the game and why you play. That detailed portrait ain't bad either! The artists really take the time to figure out your personality.

    I'm...currently doing exactly what I am portrayed to be doing...omg, eerie.

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    Dear Vee, thank you once again for taking the time to answer our questions! It was a delight to work with your answers, so real and genuine. We truly appreciate your help with the forum, thank you from the bottom of our hearts We are also really pleased you liked the picture

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    Love the interview Vee 💖 I agree with Roja you do look like the HoL lady and love being in the same co-op, we have such a laugh lol😆😂 💖💖

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    Lovely interview Vee! And i love how the artists have portayed you! I really hope they create an avatar for you, for your own personal use only!
    And a big thanks for moderating, a massive job to undertake!

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    Can we look forward to an interview with Thommes soon?

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    Yes, out of all the online games I have played on my phone. Township is by far the best. All the other games would tire me after a short bit. I enjoy all the different strategies that are required by you. I never get tired of playing. Keep up the great work!!

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