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Thread: upgrade to new device

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    upgrade to new device

    i am looking to upgrade my galaxy s4 to a galaxy s6...but don't facebook and WON'T facebook (nor do i google+, nor will i google+)
    after 2 years of daily play i don't want to lose my progress...has anyone used the helium app to back up and sync data? does it work with township?
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    I don't know this app and never read anything about it and Township. Once you have install the game on your new device, if you don't get your town automatically, do the following:

    From your new device, send a report telling them that you want your town ln it.
    From your old device, send a report telling them taht youmwant to move your town. In this email, give them the ticket number you got from the other email.
    They will move your town.

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