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Thread: Cancel or Change Order of Production Line

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    Cancel or Change Order of Production Line

    Sometimes airplane or trains or clients are demanding products and you still have some products in process. I want to change the order of production or cancel a production!!

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    Sorry, but the Devs have ruled out "Cancelling/rearranging items in factory queues" in this thread:

    Try to prepare long-time products while you sleep, and only "short-timers" while you're in the game and waiting for trains/plane/heli.

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    Hi this has already been ruled out by the devs. See this post Ideas that cannot be implemented

    Some ways to try to combat this are:

    • fill your factories with items that will finish by the time your trains arrive
    • ensure you have a good number of high level players as friends, who can help with items/quantities that you may have difficulty with
    • send your planes away empty or partially filled
    • try to produce the longer items at night, or when you are away for longer periods of time.

    Hope this helps
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    ...more "snap"-situations today, it seems *g* - hi Pink! (sorry, no real pink here in colour!)

    and hi again, Tere GI,
    to expand on that pt from Pink's list that covers ALL possibilities now really: be aware that sending the planes partially filled will have a negative effect on the related achievement, if not yet completed, while sending them empty does not.

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    I agree with Dev's not to allow cancellation (dumping) of factory orders; however, it would be a nice to purchase a booster from the lab that would allow you to move things to the end of the factory queue.

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