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Thread: Members Got Kicked Out In The Middle of Regatta (Merged Thread)

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    Members Got Kicked Out In The Middle of Regatta (Merged Thread)

    I have completed 4 tasks and still 2 days to go, but me and some other members got kicked out of group as not completing all tasks. So do I get any rewards for the contribution I have done or it was simply waste of my time. There should be a rule, that none should be kicked out in the middle of regatta.
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    Angry Booted From Co-op

    Me and my sister joined a co op 3 weeks ago, they had been stuck in steel league for ages, they have now gained promotion all way to golden league me and my sister completing all tasks at 100pts and above placing in top three out of our co op! Each week.

    I pointed out a few improvements to the leader, i.e. removing players who dont participate, dumping tasks when they are red and cant be completed in time, dumping low point tasks! etc

    The leader obviously took offense to this and booted us both out this morning just minutes before the end, and we cant claim any rewards! Rewards they wouldnt have got without us!

    This really isnt fair!

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    just happened to me and my sister booted us minutes before end! we got nothing!

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    Gnani, I don't understand why you think you have 2 days to go, the regatta just ended - is that MAC version or what, with possibly different dates?
    And no, you won't get the regatta rewards when you're not in the Coop at the end of regatta (and without leaving in between).
    Sorry this happened to you, but the expectations of the Coop leader should have been made clear when you entered the Coop. Kicking out members who don't participate enough in the view of the coop's rules is the only means of a leader - after talking it over, one would expect.
    Also, why it is done before all participants got their race rewards, and w/o any explanation as you make it sound... it's a personal decision of the leader also.
    I wish you to find a Coop with better fitting expectations and more communication! :-)

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    It's terrible that they booted you before collecting your rewards -- especially since you advanced them. Consider it a lesson Learned, not every coop wants to be winners. Look for a new coop with like minded players that wants to be in golden league.

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    Hi, sorry to hear that. Join House of Generosity, we are an active coop and looking for active members. Thanks

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    This is not the first time I've heard of this happening. I don't think that is fair, especially if you helped them win. We had the opposite happen today.

    We thought we were very clear on our regatta rules. A new member took a task that had been reserved. So, I as leader asked her why she would do that, did she not see the rules? She went on a rant and promptly left the co-op. Of course she didn't finish the task she supposedly had ready to go. So now we will be penalized because of it.

    So, I guess it goes both ways. Finding the perfect co-op is a journey. I'm not sure who it is harder on, the person looking or us the leaders. Good luck and try to enjoy the journey, don't let the drama queens and grouchy people ruin it. The perfect co-op is waiting for you. Take a look at the co-op forum page, we have more room to recruit there.

    Happy So,
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    As a co-op leader I have kicked several people off our team minutes before the race ended because of their failure to finish the required number of tasks. These people had hurt everyone else on the team by not finishing, so why should they be rewarded?

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    Let me get this straight. If a leader boots a member during regatta, the co-op does not lose the points contributed by that member?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DanK View Post
    Let me get this straight. If a leader boots a member during regatta, the co-op does not lose the points contributed by that member?

    You sound as if you want to get upset about it; remember, always two sides to a story, see also here:
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