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Thread: Appearing Twice In Leaderboards

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    Amanda Hendrix DeLoach

    Appearing Twice In Leaderboards

    Somehow I got to the leader boards. As of right now I can't remember how I did so but either way while there I saw that I am on the board twice. One has my first and last name and one is just my first name. I am wondering how that happened and how do I just put it all into one and how do I go about that? thanks

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    Hi Amanda, you'll need to report this from within the game. Tap the gear icon, then report an issue. Attach a screenshot of the leaderboard to the email and the devs should rectify this in due course.
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    Amanda Hendrix DeLoach
    ok great thanks

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    Amanda Hendrix DeLoach
    also when trying to log into these forums I got a message saying "The users primary user grouop is alos listed as a secondary group for this user. Please change the primary group or remove the secondary group." I am wondering if when I tried to register with Playrix but had already registered with Township Mobile forums there was confusion somehow....

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    I am also getting dat message. Wat is the solution????

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    Quote Originally Posted by Julio Torres View Post
    I am also getting dat message. Wat is the solution????
    It seems it has to do with re-registering on the forum and an Admin must help.
    See earlier posts for this here (with following replies, one from Lyndie, in the 2nd thread one from earlier Admin Liza):

    Find Albina's page for a Private message via the menu "Quick Links" above.

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