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Thread: Stuck on level 335

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    Stuck on level 335

    Any tips or tricks to help beat level 335? Been stuck on this level for almost 2 weeks now. Can't seem to beat it.
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    Start with the chains to fill the bottom part of the field with pieces.
    I'd concentrate on making flowers appear - this way they would just make automatches and the gnomes would get collected automatically

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    sorry, didn't finish the post.
    Most of the gnomes would be collected, and to collect the rest just use the rainbow

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    Jbridges, did you solve? I have only been on for over a day but suspect it will suddenly be easy when rose contest is over. I have spent too many coins on getting it almost

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    Hmm and suddenly it is solved and what is often the case I do not see what I did differently. Oh well, glad to move on!

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