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Thread: Levelling Up Cheater?

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    Question Levelling Up Cheater?

    I've been trying to find a answer to almost the same question about someone in our co op. This person was 5 or more levels below me but has suddenly past me twice almost over night well about a week for both level ups. She is very competitive with the co op members, more so with us than the regatta. She rushes to finish all her tasks before anyone else but doesn't care about the points, not that we mind, she is very helpful so we benefit but I've just been observing and it seems almost impossible how she is getting through everything so fast. She absolutely has to have more helps than the rest of us, I always just thought she must spend all of her time and money on this game but now the leveling up part has me suspicious. She alaway has more than 500 helps, I can't even find that many people to help and I spend a lot and help a lot. Once it was over 600. Is that odd or is it me? I won't say anything to her, it seems to be her life but it is very annoying as she has to have the last word, gets very jealous if I get a laugh or happen to be higher level. She actually invited someone back in that the leader had kicked out for very good reason. my question after all that is how fast can you really really level up if you are not cheating? I go fast and for her to have leveled twice in a little over a week seems impossible. I've always been co leader and for some reason the leader also made her co leader much much later but now there is no stopping her or getting her out. Any answers about a level up time frame? Wow that was long.
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    What range of levels are we talking?

    You can take a look at her town hall stats too. Do they seem high or low compared to yours? It could be a combination of spending and focusing differently.

    Helping constantly will give decent Xp and she could also be upgrading her factories for it.

    You could also try asking casually. Like, "wow, you leveled up really fast! How did you manage it. ?"
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    Just a note here. If you are talking about having 500 helps in the co-op listing, it is NOT the number of helps but rather the number of products given with a limit of 10 points for 1 help. Filling 3 crates with 20 corn each gives 30 points. If that player use the crops booster she may get a lot of points just by giving crops.

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    Hi Ginny, there are so many things that contribute to xp. If this person helps all the time that gives XP also. Just keep in mind that there is not really a level up time frame, there are just too many variables. This person could be spending more time playing recently, or needs more crops than usual or higher level animal products. I have levels that take only a couple days then I might have a week before the next. I level up slower when my barn is constantly full because this prevents me from gathering products and/or crops. As for the the helps she may be getting notified of help needed before you are because her server sync is quicker than yours. I have a member, my co-leader that gets them faster than me. I know this because the help signal shows and disappears within a second or 2. She is actually able to fill it before it shows up on my game. Just look at it as a plus to getting things done quicker. Always good during regatta. Everyone has their own priorities in their game play. Since everyone is so different in where they place their game resources it truly is possible to be continually trading places with each other if you stay fairly close level wise. Remember you play for enjoyment. Enjoy your game and if this person is so competitive try to see the bright side of it.

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