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    Spent a good deal of my day looking at some very imaginative and pretty towns. Well done all
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    Quote Originally Posted by SumSum View Post
    Thank you Deadend :*
    I'm happy if you like the story, especially as it sounds like you are a real life magician yourself
    I just visited your town again and saw that it's under construction at the moment. As it seems it's going to be really beautiful The huge beach area is awesome!! I'm not sure at the moment, but before your redesigning, wasn't your town the one without cars? And with the Bikeshop right behind the train station? Or am I just confusing it with something else? In any case, I'm curious to see the final result of your rebuilding project Please let us know when it's done.
    Sum Sum yes that was my town, Deadend only allowed bikes and boats , but then the police and fire department was complaining they needed roads so we passed an ordinance and added some roads. The plus is the townies can walk on the grass with the new roads! I am still working on it with it but it tooks days this time just to move major buildings. Thanks for the kind words and keep the stories coming !
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