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    Looking For Realistic Towns

    I have been playing everyday for over a month and am totally hooked. I keep looking at other people's towns but have not seen any like mine yet. Mine is very understated and realistic. You could put an address into a navigator and you could easily find your way around. Has anyone got examples of realistic towns to share with me, either your own or ones you have seen. Vicki

    20th September 2018. Its now one year on and I’m still glued to this game!!! Amd I’m still trying to keep it real.

    Level 88
    Town name: Ruby Land
    Co-op tag: #UCRCCZ
    Co-op name: Luck of the Wee Folk
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    I try to keep mine fairly realistic.

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    Nice. I like so many parts I will need to view it a few times.

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    Mine is laid out like a real Town - a composite of places I have lived - and I keep most of the gaudier or goofy looking decorations in storage.

    Just beware - realistic can sometimes be perceived as boring. LOL

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    I make sure my town looks realistic. Making my town look good is very important to me. I have a cultural quarter and a lake with lots of leisure facilities.

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    I love my little town! Its realistically whimsical!!! I do have my fantasy castle property up next to the waterfall! I think my town is laid out realistically! I love the shore so went off from there and built around! Its always a work in progress, especially with apartment buildings! Once I have more land I will be making a shopping area! I love to decorate!!! Ive put a ton of effort into both my Town & Zoo!!! Tag#EUMVP5...
    Let me know what you think! I am in the process of decluttering....getting more land is so nice!!!! Have a great day!!!!! My towns name is ~CapeWitchyWoo~
    My Teams name is Fools Paradise
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    Mine is as "realistic" as yours, I think. I have areas I'm not happy with, clumps of ugly apartments, and a dense urban downtown area, though. As "realistic" as any town can be where pigs poop bacon.

    If I were you I'd move your airport right next to the trains so people will notice if you need help with both at the same time.

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    Just a hint: the easiest way for others to find your town is giving the Coop tag (or name IF it is unique) and your town name.
    F.e. as my friends list is full (50 only), I can't use the friends code for visiting someone's town.

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    There's a series of nice towns shared here.

    I worked hard to make mine realistic, but...I may have made everything a bit too symmetrical (lol). Need to do some editing.

    You can find me through my co-op: Aphrodite's Piers (#PHY68K). I'm Amoria at Level 77.
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    Hi Vicki, You've got a very nice town going.

    My town is realistic, different neighborhoods for different activities and such. I found, however, that after a while I found that having everything connected by roads was making it all too boxy. I have kept the roads in most places but in others I have installed a massive underground parking system so that people don't have to drive everywhere above ground. Unfortunately the exits and entrances to the underground parking are behind the buildings making them impossible to see.

    I do think my town would pass the "put an address into a navigator" test. My zoo is also laid out so that people can walk through all of the exhibits and everyone is able to see the animals.

    Why don't you come and see for yourself. My coop and town name are in my signature below.

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