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Thread: Where are the new levels?

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    Where are the new levels?

    I thought I had read on a few posts that new levels are put out on is Thursday 5pm eastern time and there are no new levels to play...I still get "New levels are coming soon, in the meantime unlock some old jewelry boxes". Last week on Thursday there were new levels to be played that morning but only 15 levels then back to the jewelry box thing. I am not trying to be rude or disrespectful but am I missing something....where are the levels for play and why only 15? Why not the 25 at a time like I had read in a post about new levels? Just wondering

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    I wondering if anyone else is not seeing regular timing of levels out to be played and am I the only one seeing only 15 level available for play...thoughts?

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    Are you playing on facebook/gameroom? It's separate from the mobile game, and I know their updates often come later.

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    I play both as well as on my android phone...thnx for the info...wish that would update better...oh well.......

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    Don’t really like the key challenge as they r very hard to beat

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