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Thread: The Garden At Night

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    The Garden At Night

    It would be nice to see the garden at night with all the lamps lit. The only time we see it at night is at the end of Austin's day when he lights his lantern, but it's only a second or two and we don't get to see anything. What is the point of installing all those lovely lamps if we never get to see them lit up at night??!

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    Fireflies and shining cat's eyes. Yes, it would be nice.

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    +1 for this idea, a night mode toggle would be much desired.
    I remember a browser game that allowed you to switch the scenery from daytime lighting (sky blue) to afternoon (orange) to night (indigo). Makes for a whole lot more of the interactiveness.

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    It's not on the dev's no-no list, so there is hope!

    For devs reading, if night mode isn't possible all the time, could it be implemented during a few events? Surely a firecracker festival would be most fun at night, for example

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    These are great ideas. I would love to see the garden lit up at night even if it is only for a special event.

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    Fireworks at night it would be awsome!

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    I've just finished the day with the dancers and the fountain. That night there is an intruder in the garden and Austin goes out with his lantern to investigate. The garden is SO beautiful at night!! Please please please devs.....please do something so we can explore the garden at night. This next portion sees a stage uncovered, how about night concerts? Fireworks? Films at night? I really do think you are missing a huge opportunity by not having any nighttime options!!

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    Bumping this thread in the hope that the developers will see it and give us some night time events in the garden. 😊

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    I shall also bump this thread, not only for night mode, but also for afternoon mode, because nothing says sunset like a red-orange hue.

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    There was a scene at night in day 3 (or 4?) of the pond area. It was when Austin and Robbie had a fight and Robbie came during the night to see what's wrong with the pier he build. It was really cool to see the garden at night! Hope to see more of that in the coming levels!
    Or even better, as other suggested, having an option to switch night/day mode.

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