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Thread: Upgrading?

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    I'm at a point where I can start to do some upgrading. Does anyone have any advice regarding which ones benefit the most or is there a specific method you use? Like...upgrading one thing at the time until it's completed. Just anything you can pitch in to help me make some choices. Lol..

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    Hi Jess

    If you play many times each day, you could start with your trains. Reducing the waiting time means more deliveries, more materials for your buildings.

    If you prefer to upgrade your factories, start with the most useful : dairy, sugar and bakery.
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    I would recommend upgrading your trains first since they bring the mining tools used to mine the ore and make the ingots used for the upgrades.

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    Please be sure to review the Township Guide sticky in this sub-forum. It contains links to quite a few threads -- including, "Upgrading Factories."

    I'd also recommend going for trains first. Speeding up the time/xp is useful in finishing Community Buildings, collecting ore to make ingots, and levelling up more quickly. You can then sell extra tools for some decent coin.
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