I hope this actually gets to the developers, lol. I have played a few "sim" games. Before I started this game, I played SimCity Buildit. It's fun too but so far I am enjoying this on a much different level. There's a lot more diversity and room for growth. SimCity Buildit is a realistic kinda of look. The graphics are awesome where as this one is more light and gives a feel of "funny" to it. I like both equally in that regards for different reasons. It's nice to have a comparison. I'm only level 36 so my experiences are limited and I'm sure others can add more.

1. It would be awesome to be able to rotate the city to view it from different angles and a birds eye view.
2. Trading and getting help with order materials is very difficult and timely. If there was something like a global market where items are posted it would be nice. A rotating list of random items that changes every so often. Players choose items they want to sell to other gamers. Including building and mining materials would be nice. This is a feature from SimCity and it's handy.
3. I like the regatta. It's nowhere near the competitive level of others. It's group oriented. I would say that probably most people who are sim style gamers are not high end PVP players. Don't loose sight of that factor. The in game puzzles give players a chance to challenge themselves. SimCity Buildit is moving more in that direction and has totally turned me off.
4. Fix the Facebook connection issue many have and the process to try to get it to link.
5. It would be kind of nice to have some weather changes, see your city in lights at night..may not work well with graphics but weather change would be nice.
6. Homes could be upgraded vs. adding too many new styles.
7. Keep growing. I ran out of land space in SimCity Buildit. The only thing I could do was make epic buildings and work on the futuristic part. It had X amount of plots. Once filled that's all you got. There was no zoo, no farm, etc, you can expand on both of those even more if you need some perk me ups.
8. I can already see the regatta is repetitive in tasks. The number is very limited as well, within a few days I have done what I can do, however, no one wants a list of 30 very difficult tasks which consumes the 5 days of the event. I've experienced that, it's no fun, most don't have time so many do not reap any rewards for their efforts. There is a happy medium. I'd rather have it like it is, than to experience the other again.
9.Is it possible to inhabit other lands. Kind of like a trade or buy the islands you discover..maybe using ingots or negotiation. I wouldn't want to introduce physical style of attacking, personal thing I think is undesirable. A friendly method.
10. There's lots of community buildings you could add. A pub, lol.
11. I like the mining..how about diving expeditions? Are they available? Maybe gifts from mermaids? Pearls or seashells. Lost treasures. A treasure hunt..ooh. You could do treasure hunts anywhere.
12. So far, I'm really having fun and I am enjoying this more than any building app I have played thus far. I must admit, I love EA graphics but the diversity of this is awesome and this games graphics are a style is that is popular and it gives it less of a "serious" feel. The whole idea is to have fun and the graphics gives it that feel. I've seen the other aspects. It's not nice. Keep moving forward..and add me to your payroll for innovative ideas as I can offer. :-)
13. Offer specials on TC and I know this is how you make money, probably a lot, but I'm not a huge advocate of in app purchasing. If it gets too outrageous you will start to loose players. I play PC MMORPG's where you subscribe and that's what I hope to see with apps. A free trial period and then you make a commitment to continue. It levels the playing ground in many ways, guarantees a fairly stable income, and if players, for whatever reasons need to discontinue, they can stop, their info will remain as is, and subscription can be restarted any time..or you pay for x amount of months up front. Lots of options there. I don't believe in playing completely for free. The game wouldn't continue to improve or even be available.

I encourage people to add you're ideas however, I hope this will not become a "whine" thread. As with any game, there are the greats and not so great aspects and what you focus on is what you see and experience. So, remember the positive and kindly offer areas where you see room for growth. I am thankful to have a fun game to play that I think gives a pretty good deal and I look forward to seeing the positive directions it takes. :-)