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Thread: Common Issue: Someone Is Playing My Town/I'm Playing Someone's Town

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    Have replied to the email but waiting for an answer for more than a week.
    Maybe it takes longer because of easter time ... hope they will get back soon. Thought that it might trigger an answer when asking for help within the forum.
    Finding it strange getting two accounts mixed up but thought it should be possible to get my real town restored somehow.
    Until yesterday, I got confirmed that my friends are seeing my real town (level 68) but this morning I was told that my friends look at level 65 when connecting to my game.
    Not being able to join the easter event, not having the opportunity to receive the easter decoration and not knowing if it will ever get resolved is not much fun. Wouldn't have an issue when getting told it will take several days unless I know that someone is still working on the issue.
    Guess I still need to wait ...... .... .... I am almost about to give up on the game as I do not want to break the city of the other player that is connected to my account.
    Thanks for your reply,

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    Hi Fynn, when I read your post yesterday, I saw you at level 3 in both my games through G+. Now you're showing at level 9. It's all very odd! I hope you get this resolved quickly.
    Forever living in hope lol

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    Hi Fynn!

    Oh, I’m so sorry for the delayed response! For some reason your email ended up in the spam folder and our team has just found it I've already forwarded your request onto the development team so that they could restore your town asap.

    Thank you so much for your continued patience! I will appreciate it if you let me know the results

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    Hi Liza,
    thanks for getting back to me with the update that someone is looking into this issue.
    I hope my town is getting restored soon ...
    Whatever level you can find, the correct city should be at level 68 and the last time I played was March 15 (when I raised the ticket).
    I am missing my town and my zoo (less than 10 planks before opening the camel enclosure),

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    Hi Liza,
    do you think the development team will be able to get my town restored?
    If so, can you please let me know by when I can expect to have my lovely town back.
    Thanks in advance,

    as a reminder, these are the details of my town (Data was already provided when I first raised the ticket):
    - Fynn W
    - City name: FYNN-CITY
    - Level 68
    - Einwohner/People: 11645?
    - Aufträge/Order: 1035
    - Züge/Train: 1994
    - Flugzeuge/Plane: 524
    - Schiffe/Ships: 1171
    - Gegenstände/Products produced: 49472
    - Bergwerk/Mine: 6942
    - Spieler geholfen/Players helped: 1315
    - Zoo Produkte/zoo products: 22339
    - Was short before opening the camel enclosure, was waiting for the last few planks to arrive.
    The following information is not up-to-date, this information was captured two days before I lost access to my town:
    - Zoo hearts: 30810; XP: 336990; T-Cash: 2929; Cash: 1042872
    Last time I was able to play had been on March 15 between 5 and 6pm CET.

    I am looking forward to get a realistic expectation by when I will be able to play with my restored town or do you think I would need to start playing from scratch?

    Thanks for your help, getting this issue sorted,

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    can someone please make sure that I am getting an update on my issue.
    Still waiting for any kind of update.

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    Many thanks to Township support and the Township developers!!!!
    Never thought it will ever happen BUT I got my town back.

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    Someone else playing my town

    Can someone please help me get my game sorted. When I logged in 2 days ago someone else was playing on my town. And anything I do doesn't seem to take affect. It shows my town layout but someone else's name.

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    I think you should report this via the ingame support. What platform are you playing on?
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    I did report it and have had no response. I'm playing on an android device. I've un installed and reinstalled the game I've even cleared game data but still it automatically loads the same farm doesn't start a new game and ask me to load my farm like it use to

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