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Thread: Common Issue: Someone Is Playing My Town/I'm Playing Someone's Town

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    Common Issue: Someone Is Playing My Town/I'm Playing Someone's Town

    So I've been playing Township for over a year now (fairly casually), reached lvl 55 and had a lot of fun. Last night I log on after about 20 hours away and find my crops have been planted differently to usual, and a lot of things I had sitting on production lines have vanished, progress has been made towards the Xmas event that wasn't by me, trains have been sent off at a time when I know I wasn't online, etc etc. The buildings and town name are as they should be, so I'm sure I'm accessing my own town, but it's like someone else is playing it! I submitted a help request, and changed my Facebook password, but couldn't see any other way to lock down my account so this other person can't access it. So I log on just now and even more stuff has changed, more progress made, more trains sent, crops replanted, even the language has been changed now!

    I am sure the access is not from my end; I have only ever had Township on two devices, one of which has been in my sight at all times, the other is locked in a drawer with no battery (and I uninstalled Township from it last night to be certain). I've already changed my Facebook password, and in any case can see no access to any of my other games or anything else (Facebook says nobody has accessed it recently other than at times where I know it was me accessing it, Google says the same; only devices accessing my account are definitely mine); only Township has anything unusual going on. Which makes me wonder if it's a weird bug where someone else thinks they're playing their own town when they're actually in mine?

    Whatever it is, it's really upsetting me, and if there's any way I can get my town back to being mine and mine alone I'd be very grateful - even if it takes a rollback and I lose a load of time on the Xmas event, that's fine, I just want this other person out of my town

    Town name: Goldshire, lvl 55 (well, if the other guy hasn't levelled me to 56 yet...), ticket number 571001
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    Oh wow Balgair, that's so weird! How horrible for you, I've never heard of anything like this before! Hope you get it sorted soon!!

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    Very odd - did someone hack into your game?

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    I wish I knew! So far as I can tell it's only possible to access existing towns using Google Play/Facebook logins? Neither of mine has been accessed by anyone other than me (according to Google/Facebook account infos), so if there's been any hacking, I guess they've bypassed those logins. Not sure why a hacker would be playing normally though, planting crops/sending trains, unless they wanted to keep my account (in which case why not grab a higher lvl one than me...).

    Just checked and it's still happening, crops have changed again, trains have been sent off, more progress been made on the event... again, none of that is by me; my phone is always in my sight. I'm stopping doing anything with it now to make it easier to tell when the other person does stuff, but this is really creeping me out tbh. I can't see any way of locking my account, so I guess I have to wait for support to respond?

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    Just checked in again and new buildings have popped up, more crops changed, progress on xmas event, and I even see that my Township cash which I paid for with real money is being spent.

    Please can someone look at this and help me; there has to be some way to get this other person off my account? Failing that, please delete the town entirely so I can start over fresh with one that's not being tampered with, at present I really have no more will or interest to play my own town as it's not mine any more

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    Hi Balgair,

    First of all, I want to apologize for the trouble this must have caused you. I can only imagine how frustrating it must be to have someone you don't know work on the town that you put time, energy, and money in. I want to assure you that we will do everything to figure out how something like this might have happened and to put things back to normal.

    I will send you an email with more info and instructions shortly. Stay tuned!

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    Just wanted to follow this up and say a big thank you to Ksenia and the devs for fixing my town; it appears it was a bug that mixed up two accounts, as after following instructions to reset passwords etc I found myself looking at someone else's town too All was restored on Christmas Day - a very welcome surprise (and I'm very impressed anyone was working then, thank you whoever was working overtime!), and I've had no further issues, so it seems fixed. Thank you so much!

    (Can't say I'm quite so impressed by the person who decided to just start playing and make themselves at home when they found themselves in my town, instead of maybe reporting the issues and leaving it alone... I guess some people don't think in the same way as I do on subjects like respecting others' hard work )

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    Glad it all worked out for you. Playrix will always have your back or at least work with you. On the other hand the other person might have been a kiddo and not even noticing the problem. I sometimes grab the wrong kindle and fire up township before I see the difference. Lol

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    Lost My Town & Another Town Is Visible

    can someone please help.
    When logging into township I can see a wrong city with a level of 65.
    I was actually at level 68 and I wish, I would get my city back.
    When I go into township I can see a town that belongs to another player as that town is moving forward without me being active. It is somehow a wrong assignment to my account.
    Any help or suggestion how the issue can get solved would be highly recommended.
    Ten days ago I had sent a request via township and the ticket number is 664498.
    Looking forward to a solution ... almost two weeks without being able to play township is a looong long time. I hope someone can help to get the issue fixed. Hope I can start playing with my town soon.
    (Android, cityname: Fynn-City, not using Facebook)
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    Hi Bwf

    You can reply to the email with the ticket number. Ask them when your problem will be solved.

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