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Thread: What’s Your Gardenscapes Profile?

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    13 love this game and hate it lol. Some levels are hard without rewards

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    Its addicting game.😍😍

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    14 points!!!

    I love this game... and Austin too!!!

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    Devoted gardener 😆

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    13 преданный садовник

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    I love the game!!
    I got a 12 an aspiring gardener
    I believe I could have gotten more points but I'm on level 1262 and it can get hard to complete some of the competitions in time and I still have friends to meet. Although some levels have taken weeks to complete I wI'll not give up! Thanks for the challenge!

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    Es mi juego favorito lo amo, lo adoro jejejeje ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Austin muchos besitos la mitad de mi día es jugando.

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    15 puntos , ya soy adicta a este juego, lo juego cada vez que le recargan las vidas y cuando me sale horas ilimitado, las juego sin parar sin importar la hora en que me la den,, pero lo único que no me gusta es que dan pocas estrellas , dan poco dinero, y los potenciadores son muy caros

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    I love the game 1.b 2.c 3b 4a 5am

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    We Tied

    Quote Originally Posted by Teresa Boyd View Post
    I have 12 points love this game too bad we can not visit other players and earn rewards and make new friends!
    I got the same as you

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