On a scale from “just downloaded the game” to “beaten all the levels...twice!” how much of a Gardenscapes fan are you? We made a test to find it out! Answer a few questions to see what gardener type you are!

Q1: How often do you check on your loyal butler?
A) A few times a week, maybe more.
B) Several times a day when I catch a break.
C) Are you kidding? We never part!

Q2: What match-3 elements are you familiar with?
A) I’ve seen them all! Mushrooms, ivy, picnic blanket - you name it!
B) I do remember nuts and juice... and the whirling disks. What even are they?.
C) Quite a variety: boxes, lemonades, fireflies, flower beds and others.

Q3: Do you remember to pet your dog every now and then?
A) Well, I did a couple times but I think the puppy is fine on his own.
B) I love the pup! We play all the time when I’m around.
C) Wait, what? You can do that?

Q4: Which Austin’s friends have you met by this point?
A) I’ve already bonded with Master Akira and we’re discovering the mysteries of the universe together!
B) Um…the puppy and that Austin's friend who always builds stuff? And the guy with the lottery machine .
C) I’ve met some: Collins, Winston and Carlos to name a few.

Q5: Have you ever completed an event?
A) A few times, when the almighty odds were in my favour.
B) Sure thing, I complete them every time!
C) I was so close! Swear on Austin's bow-tie, I'll beat it next time!


Now, let’s sum up your points for each question and check the results below!

Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q5
a 1 3 2 3 2
b 2 1 3 1 3
c 3 2 1 2 1


5-7 points - The Beginner gardener: You don’t have much time to spare on your garden restoration, but whenever you open the game you try to make the most of it. You play mostly to challenge yourself with a few levels and plant some flowers, or maybe to crack a joke or two with Austin. Keep up the good work and your garden will grow and prosper!

8-12 points - The Aspiring gardener: You’re the one who loves to dive into the game for a few hours non-stop and then give it a break for a while, because you and Austin need some space. Nevertheless, you always come back to chill in your fancy garden with your charismatic butler and the pup. Kudos on your efforts!

13-15 points - The Devoted Gardener: Seems that you can’t spend a day without checking on your garden! You’ve probably mastered all the levels now and are looking for treasure in the family antique chests. If not yet, you must be close. Keep it up and your garden will soon become a tourist attraction!

So what's your profile? Tell us in the comments!