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Thread: What’s Your Gardenscapes Profile?

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    14 points, niveau 1550 acro depuis sa sortis.

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    Totally hooked. I started playing Gardenscapes as a disc download on my pc. There are a few quirks in the game that I don’t believe to be happenstance. Levels become more difficult when an event is going on. I’ve beaten too many stuck levels within an hour of event end that I couldn’t win during the entire event. Objects don’t always slide in the direction I send them. And PLEASE, put an easy-to-click-on button to submit game ideas. I have had some doozies!
    A. M. Johnson

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    I got 13, I always play on my lunch breaks at work and during long road trips. It's the season for roadtrips here too

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    Quote Originally Posted by Italina De Luca View Post
    I got 14 points & my profile is devoted gardener I love this game Xender Discord Omegle and I'm addicted to it
    You’re the one who loves to dive into the game for a few hours non-stop and then give it a break for a while, because you and Austin need some space. Nevertheless, you always come back to chill in your fancy garden with your charismatic butler and the pup. Kudos on your efforts!
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