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Thread: Co-op Leaders Can See All Tasks Completed By Members

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    Co-op Leaders Can See All Tasks Completed By Members

    I'm having trouble with certain members "stealing" tasks that were claimed by other members AND only completing the "easier" tasks. We can only see what a member is currently working on and the number of tasks they have completed. Tracking who has claimed what, who stole what, and who completed which tasks has become a full time job. It's frustrating. I want to be able to see which members aren't playing fair WITHOUT carrying a notebook around while I'm at my REAL job.

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    That would be nice! I wonder if your co-op is connected on FB messenger? Perhaps you could request all players to send screenshots of their task list to you upon completion of the Regatta. Everytime I even hint that I'm not sure where a task has gone they're quick to prove themselves innocent with screenshots lol but helps narrow it down too. Good luck to you Silas!

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    I agree! I wish the game had that feature too.

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    Seria genial termos essa informação..
    Habilitar icone mostrando quais provas meus colegas cooperativa pegou se cumpriu ou não corretamente

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    I agree but I think everyone should be able to see this information, not just co-op leaders.

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