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Thread: Why Do Some Co-ops Reject Join Requests?

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    Why Do Some Co-ops Reject Join Requests?

    Hello everyone,
    Last week, I left my co-op as soon as regatta over and claimed my prizes. Then I tried to join a co-op that I really want for a long time. But I've been rejected by the co-leader. This co-op require level 40 min to join, and I'm on level 44 at that time. I was so upset of the rejection, because I'm an active player, help others a lot, and do enough regatta tasks. And then I looked for another co-op and again, rejected. 3 of co-op had been rejected me at a time. Finally the 4th co-op accept me and turns out most of this co-op's members (which is occupied by 30 members) are active players and help each others a lot. We had fun conversation too. It's totally different with my last co-op which most of its member often request long-time-making product but rarely help others, and also not having conversation at all. So I'm grateful of my current co-op. I just don't understand why 3 co-op rejected me and I'm just curious what are the criteria of accepting and rejecting member.

    Have you guys have any experience regarding joining a co-op?

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    Hi Fleshrea

    There are as many reasons as the people who do the rejections. No way to tell as we have no way to send a message with the rejection. One of those rejection could have been a mistake, a slip of the finger on the wrong button.

    For my co-op, I look at the player stats for sure. But my main problem is language. My co-op is french speaking only and that is a headache when accepting new players.
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    Please read this important post by Playrix about Township : Wishes/requests already rejected by Playrix

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    Fleshrea, I am glad you found a coop you like. As Greylady said, there is no way of knowing why you were rejected. But as a co-op leader I also look at people's stats before accepting them, and while I am not implying that this was what happened in your case, our coop has accepted several people over the years who were later kicked out by Playrix because they were cheating, so if anything looks out of place we reject their membership requests. Because of this we may well have rejected some good players, which I regret, but unfortunately we still end up getting a cheater now and then as well.

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    Please don't take the rejections personally. Those people don't know you. I'm so glad for you that you've found a co-op that fits you. Here are the reasons my co-op has rejected people: Their help stats weren't up to our standard. I went to view their town and hit reject(I felt so bad). We had two new members and were not accepting any more while they settled in or left. An elder and I had a disagreement and he rejected two people before he left(He came back with a better attitude later cause we're a great group).

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    I agree with the answers above. We rejected because the statistics looked very bad. But usually we accept people and chat with them before we do anything. I think if there is room in a coop peeps should be accepted and at least have a chance to exchange information before rejecting them.

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    Some co-ops are also wary of players looking to join a co-op on a Sunday/Monday. A lot of those players have just been kicked out of their co-op for not following rules on the previous regatta. Not saying that's you, but since there is no way to tell why a person isn't in a co-op, I reckon they may not have wanted to take the chance. If they accepted you right before the race with little time to get to know you, they could have ended up burned, and I am sure many have.

    If you tried after the race started they might be more receptive.

    I learned my lesson on this - a few players joined on Monday and left during the race Now I don't reject requests, but I do wait until after the race starts to accept them so we can get to know them over the week.
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    I agree with Honor, I much prefer players joining our co-op during the regatta. This way they get a flavour of how we race too.
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    Thanks for the shared info everyone.. I understand now. I've built a better stat at my current co-op and got promoted to Elder

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    Well I just sent a pm to WUS co op and was rejected. No chance to even join that co op. Is it because I said I don't like doing train and plane tasks or rubber and silk tasks? They all take too long! At least I was honest about this. I also told them I don't use boosters (gems are for zoo animals) or spend Tcash except for the 10 Tcash for the last task. Maybe it was a mistake to say I help in moderation? Anyway it is their loss as I am quite capable of doing 16 tasks each and every regatta. Now I know why I race solo it is far more pleasant and I have no need to prove myself to anyone.

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    Hi Cathy, at my current co-op it is not only regatta task that counted but also the number of helping others by filling plane crate, train, and product request. If there are some members who helped a little, they will ask whether they inactive or not. If they said they're being busy in personal life all the members will understand and not kick them out. For your case which is very active of doing regatta I think you can choose to join highly competitive co-op as they seem like prioritize doing regatta task than anything else in the game activities.
    Good luck finding your co-op

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