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Thread: Planning Ahead...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mitchell View Post
    Adriana, I'm on holiday break, so yeah. LOL
    I like your idea about maxing the trains. At first, I tried to get my factories to levl 10 for that silly achievement, but when I saw the tip in another thread, I switched to maxing the trains.

    Did you get max speed before the latest update? I understand that we can no longer just reduce the time, without reaching even higher stars on the trains (Train #1 requires level 14!)
    Mitch, all my stuff is at max speed. Trains, Factories and the isle's. Only the Jewler is not.

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    Bethany Clarke
    There are some great tips in this thread. Maybe I should be upgrading my trains first, too. I've been doing a little of everything so far except for the jewelry store and my islands.

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    So far I'm only lvl 41, and my barn can only hold 335.

    I give trains 1st priority over EVERYTHING else, and I many times send them out as soon as they arrive. So far I have always filled my airplanes to the max (I want those gems & Tcash rewards) and many times send them out almost as soon as they arrive. I only fill helicopter orders if they offer me $100 or more per item (I calculate the amount BEFORE the generous customer buff, I am ruthless about deleting orders I don't like, with the buff I demand $200 per item). If a helicopter order is asking for something I know my planes are going to want I delete that order (unless it is extremely high paying, then I wait to see what airplane needs first, then often I have enough left over to fill helicopter order.) I ask for help for items that would take me a long time to produce that I don't already have on hand, and I also regularly help others with excess from my barns. I send balloon gifts if someone helps any of my trains or planes.

    So here is how I try to stay organized for all of that...

    I try to keep them close together, that way my factory production time frame is roughly the same. I will send the ones I can off if one has a huge wait and I can't ask for help. If I've just sent off my trains and I have a 4 hour wait I have no problem throwing 2 pizzas, or a couple glues, or even a suit in because it has time to be finished before trains come back. I also set a timer reminder on my phone to come back when first train arrives back. That way I set up factories to be working when I'm gone and I'll be back for train when needed. (I will do that for airplanes and boats too)

    Barn Organizing
    I upgrade barn as soon as I can. I only try to have 1 community building being built at a time, otherwise my barn is too full with building supplies. I expand land as soon as I can also (I have tons of coin now so I can afford that), so I can get rid of those building supplies. If the trains keep sending me wayyyy too many of an item, I will sell off glass, bricks, nails, but I try to keep on hand enough to give new building project a head start. (example I have 30 glass, current building only needs 10, I will sell 15 so that I have what I need for this buildng, and still save a little for next building).

    If I'm expecting a train I try to leave production lines open and ready to work for the train. Once trains are sent, I view how much time I have before next one comes back and then stock factory production to fit into that time allotment based on what what is lowest in barn. I leave feed in the grainery until I need to use it, and I always fill those production bins as soon as I take something out (sometimes instead of selling wheat, corn I will throw extra into bins even though shelves are full). My animals are always fed, and I leave milk, eggs, and wool on them until I need to use it to keep that out of my barn. I try to leave at least 1 item up on the factory shelves so I can see what I have in barn, and then at least 2-4 in barn depending on how long it takes to make them (I stock more if it takes longer to make). If I have less than 2 of any item in barn I will take it off shelf and then start producing it's replacement. That allows me to see what is properly stocked in barn (at least 2 or more) and also what I'm short on by viewing my factories from town view. At night before bed I LOAD UP ON items that take a long time to make taking into account what planes will need. I basically try to get 8 hours of production into each factory. Sometimes that causes me to end up with more than 5-7 of time intensive items in my barn but that is fine with me.

    Jam Factory
    Basically there is no way to actually try to produce anything you need as you need it. The only way is to keep production going as you are able... and so you can empty barn of excess fruit. Eventually you will stockpile enough jam to meet your needs. My factory is always humming along full speed with no regard to what I need. It's mostly based on what needs to leave the barn the most. I always buy Jam from the market when I can.

    I leave things in the field as long as possible if it takes more than 20 minutes to grow. I only grow 4 Wheat, 3 corn, 3 carrots at a time and I harvest them as soon as they are ready and sell excess from my barn if I'm not going to immediately use them. I plant 3 sugar cane, 3 cotton, 6 strawberries, 6 tomatoes, 6 pine trees, 8 potatoes, and only harvest as needed. I try to keep at about 10 of each of my long growing trees in the barn, and keep harvesting and growing more as needed (generally I grow 7 of each rubber, silk, cocoa trees, and move those fields around depending on what I have excess and shortages of). If my trees dip really low and I have no more room to grow more I will buy large quantities from market if I know I will be needing them (when planning for airplane especially)

    I'm not high enough lvl to be able to make Tcash via the market yet, so I don't hire the dealer regularly. I WILL BUY ALLLLL products containing rubber, dairy factory goods, sugar factory goods from the market. By buying those I reduce my need to create butter, cheese, syrups, sugars, plastics which I still have to make anyway, but being able to buy some products lets me focus on other things I am not able to buy.

    As soon as I send one out I am planning for the next one by stocking up on products, but I still keep train schedules in mind so that factory is sitting idle (and ready) as trains arrive. Like I said, most of the time my airplanes are sent right away, or many many hours early, and they are always full.

    Helicopter Orders
    Basically, only AFTER trains are sent will I binge on helicopter orders. I take note of how much in barn I have and try to replace if I can., If I only have 1 item left I might wait on that order until I can restock it. It's important to have a stocked barn for the trains.

    How I organize my "Request Help"
    Many times I don't need to ask for help, but I am happy to ask for help because it ends up helping those that like to help. I don't expect help though, so I will be working towards making what I need, but usually people do help. I figure out what item would take me the longest to produce, and that's the one I request help with. Like I said above, I always reward my helper with a balloon gift.
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    petcircus 5
    Hello Woltra,

    Thank you so much for sharing your game play methods. Newcomers such as myself are always on the lookout for different ways of managing the many elements of Township!

    Some of your methods are similar to mine. Like your trains take precedence above all else. I don't fill any helicopter orders for less than 600 coins. I do use Raja as often as possible to fill planes and trains and to stock up on ore. I to use an alarm to let me know when planes are coming in and also to let me know Raja is available.

    Thanks Again for your suggestions!

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