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Thread: Planning Ahead...

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    petcircus 5

    Planning Ahead...

    Hello Township Friends,

    You would think that by level 53 I would know how to better plan for orders, planes, trains and friends. Nope! I can't seem to create a workable plan to stay ahead of the 8 ball. I am constantly scrambling to get products where they need to go. My barn capacity is 535, with the large amount of building materials accumulating (barn & commercial building supplies) I don't have a lot of space left.

    So how do you plan ahead for orders, trains planes and friends? Do you stockpile a specific number of products? Do you wait for orders, planes, trains etc... to come in and fill as needed?

    Please share your wisdom with me!

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    I have no plan, other than letting things wait on the factory shelves that gives me extra space, and the only time I mess with the helicopter is for the events, otherwise I concentrate on the plane and trains. There are four facctories that I can build but have not, cuz I can get pretty much everything I need from my awesome township friends. I am level 65, and planting wheat, wheat and more wheat

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    I hardly ever do planes because of the time factor. It depends on what I need. If I want coins/exp I focus on orders. If I want supplies for a community building I do trains. I still try to fill a few requests for friends to stay on everybody's good side! I have given up on the zoo for now. It just takes too long and requires too much for nothing! What is it really good for?

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    I'm at level 53, as well. I only recently recovered from some bad playing habits, such as have more than one community building under construction at a time. Another bad habit that I constantly fight is grabbing up all the goodies in the once! LOL.

    Now, my plan is very personal and I think each of us has to base a plan on the following factors:

    1. How much time you play per day
    2. Whether you have a lot of friends
    3. How active you are with each area (Zoo, Mine, Islands, Airport and Trains)
    4. Whether you invest real cash for Tcash

    With that said, we also have to decide on what kind of progress we seek: rapid growth, open spaces, efficient distribution chain (From field to end consumers). So, maybe this thread can have a response for each combination of goals and factors.

    My contribution is based on balanced growth with a few open spaces and an extremely efficient distribution chain. I feel that, first of all, I can prioritize the production, since that is the one thing I can control. This means deciding whether to build 6 of one thing in the factory or never building the most expensive item unless I am going to sleep...

    Secondly, after seeing the huge benefit of helping friends fill their planes and trains, I emphasize that part of the game. Besides being pure fun, the good feeling I get from helping someone beat their deadline on the plane is priceless. If you need to clean out your barn, this is way better than selling at wholesale (or at a loss if you overbought from the marketplace.)

    Third, I recognize that some things are just a process. Unlike achievements, which sometimes make me feel compelled to "get it done", I have learned to be patient with things like collecting tools for land-clearing, community building construction and barn upgrading. As someone who has spent real money on this game, I don't get lasting satisfaction from "hurrying" these projects. That doesn't mean I won't do it, it just means I will only do it if I'm stuck. For example, the trains just left and I only need one more glass

    Finally, I learned the hard way not to try to do everything at once. The Zoo is for later. I now only build one community center at a time and I try very hard to focus on factory upgrades one at a time...

    With that background, here is my current plan. Let's assume I just cleared the barn by completing a community building (Whew!, Right?)

    I make note of what my plane needs. This is to ensure that I don't give away the store!

    Select the next community building to construct. Get that started.

    With all the free space just created, I empty out my factories - except for Bakery, Dairy and Rubber, because these are mostly for internal consumption.

    While emptying factories, I start my plane orders, with the following strategy:
    a. If the product takes 30 minutes or less, I make enough to cover 5 per crate (15), taking into account barn, market and time left
    b. If the product takes 45 minutes to 90 minutes, I make two.
    c. If the product takes more than 90 minutes, I either make one if I have time, or just get it from the dealer.
    d. If the product comes from an island, I know I will have to get it from the dealer unless a boat just happens to be due - but if it's a low probability item like pineapple, I just get it from the dealer (I do NOT use ingots on ships!)

    With this plan, I usually have two rounds of deals to count on. If the products are on-hand, or very easy to create, I don't waste the dealer's time: instead, I get picks or nuggets. (another tip from the forums!)

    Next, I visit Ernie and everyone else on the Help Needed tab (!) -- this takes stuff out of my barn and also let's me know what I need to make.

    While visiting these folks, I keep an eye on the Helicopter. If I have multiple orders, I fill one, go to another town and come back, which brings the helicopter back magically (thanks Forum friends for this tip!)

    If someone needs a crop like Wheat, Corn or Carrots, I decide whether to grow it for them, based on quantity, barn space, how much I already have in the barn and how much is currently available in the marketplace.

    The side-benefit of helping folks with these staples is that I can immediately use the surplus to feed the farm animals!
    (Of course, during the normal course of operations, I will make sure they are fed.)

    Eventually, the (!) tab dries up - anyone know how often it refreshes? - so, I turn to my own plane and train and helicopter orders. (In actual game play, I juggle these, as the requests are too varied to enforce a strict order of fulfillment.) Plus, with the Christmas Event, I prioritize helicopter orders.

    If the orders are going along smoothly, I can focus on pre-orders: I just hate when a friend needs five cookies and I have just 1! I try to just have four of anything at one time, except for sugar and other "ingredients". The marketplace can be a hellp or a hindrance, depending on how greedy I am. I try to prioritize, as mentioned above:
    1. I ALWAYS purchase hard-to-make stuff. this includes items that need produce from the islands, as well as items that take forever to build in the factories.
    2. I ALWAYS grab rubber tree pots! (McGuire: Plastics) LOL
    3. I ALWAYS grab sugar and sugar-related ingredients (syrup, caramel and honey caramel)
    4. If I have lots of space, I will grab new products that I can't make yet

    Once the big-ticket items are accounted for, I focus on ingredients. These are items that, if I run out, will cause a lot of factories to stall. Sugar is the big one, but syrup and caramel are useful, too. Since the factory can't keep them all supplied at once, I developed a stock-pile mentality:

    Say I have 0 sugar. I will build four in a row, then one syrup and then another syrup. Hopefully no train will come in, demanding my hard-won ingredients. Once I have 18 or more sugar, I drop down to maybe 2 sugar, 1 syrup, 1 caramel, 2 sugar in my queue.
    By the way, I love the 2x crop booster for this, as I can keep this going with just 6 fields of sugar cane! (I just plant and harvest more frequently when the booster is not on.)

    This same plan could work for Textiles, but I currently do 2 cotton, 2 yarn and 2 silk. The reason is that I don't make a lot of clothes in the Tailor Shop. Instead, I grab most stuff from the marketplace.

    I could add to this, but as I said earlier, this is so personal, it probably won't work for most other players. I'll just summarize by saying that, if you decide how you want to grow, then you'll be better able to organize your production. So, here are the main points:

    1. Don't stockpile from the marketplace
    2. Do one community building at a time - the algorithm will help you get the items you need
    3. If you buy Tcash, don't rush things - save it for opening chests, paying for the dealer and buying the Crop booster
    4. DO stockpile sugar, corn and cream.
    5. Don't starve the animals - PETA is watching - and so are your factories!
    6. Help your friends first. Karma is all over this game
    7. Help your townies next - otherwise, what's the point of making this stuff?
    8. (Not mentioned above) if you need a kick-start or reboot, don't be afraid to have a barn burning - sell it ALL! It feels good and you will get everything back eventually. (I should add, you probably don't want to sell the upgrade, expansion or construction materials)
    9. Never give away the store, your friends will love you, but your townies won't. (Keep your sugar and other ingredients unless you over-produced. And if you overproduced, you probably need to make more pastries. LOLOL!)
    10. Have Fun and experiment!

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    Quote Originally Posted by windypines View Post
    I hardly ever do planes because of the time factor. It depends on what I need. If I want coins/exp I focus on orders. If I want supplies for a community building I do trains. I still try to fill a few requests for friends to stay on everybody's good side! I have given up on the zoo for now. It just takes too long and requires too much for nothing! What is it really good for?
    I agree, with one suggestion. If you have invested in the zoo, you may as well add a couple of concession stands and sell hot products It helps with clearing the barn of excess inventory.

    I'm using my down time to plan the zoo layout. But I will not bother with serious building until all my community buildings are constructed.

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    Wow Mitch, you have a lot of time writing..... Hope someone gets to the end....

    My strategy is also my own.
    I have a 'strategic' amount of crops I grow. After a while you will know how to spread your crops so you mostly can use them at the max.
    I Always send of the plane empty (only used the plane somewhere between level 40 and 60).
    I Always try to send out the trains as much as I can.
    I Always fill Helicopter orders as much as I can. This to level up (wich has no need above level 100....) but also to empty my barn.
    I do think it is pointless to concentrate on the zoo when you did not reach level 82 in the town. Act with the zoo but only if you have 'room' for that.
    Try to speed up your trains first. Then the factories. Then the XP.
    Don't try to rush, the game will slow you down. Take your time. Be patient.
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    Adriana, I'm on holiday break, so yeah. LOL
    I like your idea about maxing the trains. At first, I tried to get my factories to levl 10 for that silly achievement, but when I saw the tip in another thread, I switched to maxing the trains.

    Did you get max speed before the latest update? I understand that we can no longer just reduce the time, without reaching even higher stars on the trains (Train #1 requires level 14!)

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    Ali Land
    The absolute best thing to do (for me) when you have a bit of a wait is study the forum!
    At first, I just came here when I was confused about something, but when I started reading more my game improved a lot - thanks guys!
    I also love taking a good long look at friends towns - especially high level ones. I was choosing community buildings based on resources needed (Fantastic information, again huge thanks for the time taken to put that together!) but I decided I wanted to slow down and enjoy making my town, its much easier to see what future buildings and decorations look like in actual towns.
    I've made some daft strategy mistakes - but you can always fix things later.
    One fantastic tip I got here - turn on the confirm using T cash.
    Thanks so much to everyone for sharing advice!

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    Ali, nothing beats visiting the towns of creative designers. I've seen people do wonders with what I consider "ugly" structures. The Bright House looks garish on its own, but I happened to check out some of the Global Event leaders and Jenny (level 114, Town name HWU9AB) has three nicely set up.

    I remember when I thought Ernie's town was the best.

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    petcircus 5
    Thank You All for your input you and given me a lot to think about. And Mitch a special Thank You for taking time to detail your strategies.

    I do agree it's important to focus on what your current needs are. Right now I am stopping all commercial building and housing to concentrate on clearing more land. This means trains take priority above all else. And yes it's good to slow down and just be patient don't try to rush through the game.

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