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Thread: Trains not delivering the goods!

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    Trains not delivering the goods!

    As I have gained levels, I have noticed that the Trains withhold material used to build a barn expansion, no doubt on purpose in order to goad us into burning our T-cash to purchase the remaining item(s).

    Am I being paranoid? You tell me. Right now I need 2 paint cans to expand my barn. Paint cans have been arriving fairly regularly up until now, but once the paint cans were the last item I needed, they stopped. I haven't seen one in 18 consecutive trains. A drought of biblical proportions.

    My question to all you higher level players... How do you put up with this frustration?

    It is just so infuriating knowing that the game devs are trying to pull my strings with this tactic. I don't mind dropping a few dollars to buy some T-cash so I can pop all those golden balloons, but I refuse to spend the T-cash to build my barn when the trains are supposed to deliver the goods that I need.

    Just thought I'd vent a little. Feels good to let off a little steam...

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    You could try selling your excess hammers and nails. This sometimes seems to trigger the appearance of the paint cans.
    I sometimes think this game is all about teaching us patience...... All good things come to he who waits.
    Maybe 😋
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    Hi ddb: Actually, it is not a tactic to get you to spend money, but rather part of the built in strategy to challenge you. I have posted several times that I have figured out the algorithm for barn expansion in my game. No one comments on it so I guess they think I am "nuts" -

    Just like clock work my barn expands every 2 levels. For instance: Level 100 midway through, my barn tools arrived and I expanded. Level 101 I collect tools, but am short in one item (can be any of the three tools, but let's say it's nails I am short on). Level 102 as I approach the halfway mark the nails start appearing and I expand my barn again. Rinse and repeat the process for the next expansion.

    Right now I am short paint too, just like you, but I am not worried or frustrated because I know EXACTLY when paint will start to come in and I will expand again.
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    Hi ddb

    I know how frustrating getting the last couple of items needed can be.

    Like Nana, I upgrade my barn every 2 levels or so. I never keep a surplus of any barn tools and sometimes buy 1 or 2 on sale in the market. Right now I need 71 of each. Yesterday I sold 5 paint and bought 1 nails in the Market. I am now waiting for the last 5 nails.
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    Interesting. What happens to the idea that the game is "challenging" us (by withholding barn material) if we burn our T-cash and upgrade the barn when the last item stops coming? By doing so, we break the 2-level cycle. The only challenge I see is whether we have the patience to play Playrix's game. If the devs wanted us to only expand the barn every two levels, they could slow down the arrival of all barn materials, not just one item. They are playing the ol' carrot-on-a-stick routine with that last item.

    At least I now know what to expect. Thanks for the info.

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    There for the longest times it was nails!! I am sure everyone remembers me grumbling!!

    I will do a Red paint can dance for you right now!! I will look silly but who cares!! who knows it can not hurt! I sang RedPaintRedPaint go to DDB, and ran around my coffee table waving my hands!! I did it twice!!mit got me Laughing!! It may very well help, it helped when someone did that for me!! And I got some needed steps for my FitBit!! lol

    Who else is gonna help DDB get RedPaint!!

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    Thanks for the dance. It must have put me in the mood to purchase the last remaining paint can. My latest barn upgrade is complete. Just watch... the next train will have a paint can, now that I have eaten the forbidden carrot...

    PS: and there it is. One paint can on the next train. Predictable, eh.
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    ddb, not only the next train but probly the next 3! That is how Township rolls ddb

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