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    Academy Of Industry

    Hi- I'm new to Township and the Forums and right now Level 21

    I'm wondering when I get to level 22 and place the Academy Of Industry, can you store it in the storehouse and still upgrade factories for ingots? Similarly, when I get to buy the Jewelry Store (a long time later LOL) will you still be able to sell jewelry to the Mafia guy and will upgrades to the Jewelry Factory (etc xp) that follow be added?

    By the way thank you for the many tips and tricks.

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    Hi Patronus

    There is no place to store buildings permanently. You will have to live with the Academy once you've build it. You really need it to upgrade everything.

    You don't need to build the Jewel store in order to sell to the mafia man but you have to if you want to upgrade the XP.
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