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Thread: More Small-Sized Decorations

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    More Small-Sized Decorations

    I love to make my town look like a real small town.
    I would like to see the following

    More tree varieties.
    Flowers in pots
    Trees in pots
    Rock clusters
    More bush varieties (ie. in seasonal color changes)
    I like to change my town seasonaly and would love some Autumn coloured trees and bushes.
    More pond varieties
    Fern and palm trees (like the ones in the crocodile enclosure)
    Small water falls
    Mail boxes
    Picnic tables
    Outdoor tables and chairs
    Lamp post
    Things like that would bring great detail to a persons town. Especially if there were multipul color choices.

    I love township and I'm so proud of my town. I hope some of my ideas can be brought to us.

    Nicole's Big Easy
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    I love your ideas. It would be nice if they occupy half of a block or less so the object do not block citizens walking around the object.

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