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Thread: migrating games data from windows phone to android

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    migrating games data from windows phone to android

    Hi All,

    I am migrating to android phone from windows phone. I have played township on windows phone and made too much progress in the game board. Now, is there any way I install this game on android and start from where I left on windows phone?


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    Hi Nits

    You will have to get help from Playrix as these are 2 non compatible games. They may be able to do something manually. Send a "report" from both device mentioning which one is to be moved to which one.

    Once you've send both reports, come back to the forums and post the 2 tickets numbers you've received. Maybe an admin will have time to check on the progress of your request.

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    Hi nits,

    Please follow Graylady's suggestions and let me know your requests' numbers. I will see what we can do for you, once I receive the information!

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