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Thread: Interview with customer support from Facebook

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    Interview with customer support from Facebook

    For people who don't do Facebook -

    "Interview with the Customer Support Team

    If there's something strange in your neighborhood,
    Who you gonna call?

    Today our customer support team is on the line — meet Nataly Kuzmina, Head of Customer Support, and Maria Pavlovskaya, Support Team Lead. They’re here to share some insight into Township’s problem-busting squad who’s always there to help players out.

    Tell us more about your team. What does a typical day look like?

    Maria: A typical day for a Support Team member starts with tickets in the morning, then tickets for lunch, some afternoon tickets, and a nice helping of tickets in the evening We try to squeeze in some exercises in the form of refining and updating our Help and Support articles and our clever Townbot, though. We are also in constant contact with our dev team, passing on feedback from players and receiving instructions on how to fix issues that Townshippers may be facing at the moment.

    Do you work remotely?

    Maria: I’ve worked remotely ever since I joined Playrix a few years ago, and I absolutely love it. Office work tends to lead to standard office working hours, but I’ve found that I’m much more productive in the evening or even late at night. Working remotely also gives me the opportunity to travel, which I try to do as much as I can
    Nataly: Most of the time I work from the office. It has a really unique atmosphere and ambiance that helps me focus on my work (and an occasional snack doesn’t hurt!). But I enjoy working from the comfort of my own home too, where I can indulge myself in some extra sleep time and more casual clothes.

    How many members are on your team? Where is your team based?

    Nataly: Our teams vary in size for each project we support, but the Township team is the biggest. Only one other member of my team works from St. Petersburg like I do, but despite being remote, we all work together and do our best to help each other and our players.
    Maria: We have quite a few Support agents in our Township team who are scattered across the globe… From Dublin to Vladivostok, our team members live and work in 10 different time zones.

    When a player needs your help, what’s the best way for them to reach you?

    Maria: The best way to contact us is through the game via the Help and Support button in Settings. We recommend that you take a look at the articles there first, since one of them might have the info you need. But if none of the articles help, you can try chatting with our Townbot. Just be sure to choose the most relevant answers to its questions so that it can provide you with the most relevant instructions. If the bot isn’t able to help, the ticket will be passed on to one of our team members.
    Tickets created within the game (as opposed to requests sent via email or through our social media accounts) contain info about the game’s save files, which helps us better understand the root of the problem and provides us with the means to reach a quicker solution. It is also important that the player reaches out to us themselves rather than having their friend or co-op member do so on their behalf, since we can’t receive the information we need from other parties.
    Nataly: Also, if for some reason you can’t contact us in the game, use our Help and Support page to send us a message via Web Chat. Don’t forget to include as much info about your game as possible to help us find your account and help you out.

    Why does it sometimes take a while to respond to players’ tickets?

    Maria: Since the number of Township players is in the millions and continues to grow, we’re receiving more and more requests each day. A lot of these contain questions that may seem obvious to our seasoned players, but newcomers are still getting the lay of the land. Sometimes new mechanics also raise a few questions. Our top priority is to dig deep into each problem and do our best to provide individualized help and support. That’s why it may take time to process all of the requests, even if they don’t have any technical issues behind them. On top of this, there can be issues regarding the game’s performance and players’ reactions to certain features or events, all of which are dealt with by the busy bees of the Support Team.

    What tools does your team use to help players?

    Maria: We use Helpshift as our main tool for working with players’ requests. It lets us answer tickets, see info about players’ save files, and it holds all of our FAQs and agents’ stats. Apart from that, we have an internal Knowledge Base with various articles describing game mechanics, daily workflows, company policies, and so on. We also use Slack, Asana, and Zoom to communicate with each other and with our devs. And Google Sheets. Lots and lots of Google Sheets
    Nataly: We also have an internal tool that helps us fix some tech issues and reset or restore game progress for players. Without it, it would take us weeks to help each player. But thanks to this magical software, we can help hundreds of players get their games back every day!

    What’s the best way to suggest new ideas or share feedback with the devs? Is it through you, Township’s Facebook page, or some other way?

    Maria: Even though we gather all the feedback that players give us across all our channels, our social media pages are probably the best way to share an idea. Our Facebook and Instagram accounts have millions of followers, and a new suggestion posted there can quickly be seen by other players, evolve through discussion, and accumulate likes and reposts.

    Do Support agents play Township? Do you compete against each other and brag about your achievements?

    Maria: Of course! I play every day, and so do most of my team members. Some of our agents even formed a co-op. They’re nowhere near the top, though — being good at helping players doesn’t necessarily make them good players themselves, and competing with skilled and seasoned Townshippers is tough
    Nataly: Township was actually the first Playrix game I ever played and the first game I supported as an agent, so I still have a lot of warm feelings and a deep sense of connection to the cute sheep and cows in the game Even though I’m not working with the game anymore, I sometimes take part in the latest events — it’s really great to see how the game has evolved over the years.

    Did you enjoy the interview? Share your thoughts! "

    I could share some thoughts, but I'll restrain myself!

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    I’m with you there JJay, I will restrain myself as well and try to be polite lol.
    How long has this forum been around and I can count on one hand how many times they have listened to players.
    Now it will be stopped..closing down next month.

    Contacting the support team is nigh on impossible, personally I don’t bother anymore. The town bot will just close you down.
    How many times have players commented on this.
    They used to pop in here occasionally and help was at hand...that all we never see them.

    What is the point in giving them new ideas, they created a Wish List, then to appease us they created Frequently Suggested,
    Started well and they did implement a few things...then it it’s all ignored.

    Interesting they included they play everyday and take snacks,... I suspect more time is spent doing this than dealing with support tickets.
    All that said Playrix are just joining in with the other game devs. Seems to be the way forward to ignore your players.
    Oh and use FB as a be all and end all.

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    It is good to see that some of my / our questions are included and answered in the interview.
    Placing new ideas as early as possible in their new post to start the discussion about them and thereby gain support for them ...
    Doesn't make much sense with the knowledge that the FB community is mainly a 'group' of individuals.
    But a thing to keep in mind for some volunteers among us

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    Thanks for posting this for us non-FB'lers, JJ

    BTW, Nataly Kuzmina is still listed here in Playrix' Admin group, but wasn't here since 2019. And why is she being interviewed when she even says "not working with the game anymore"?

    Ruud, do you really think your questions (f.e. about their new CS) have been answered, or did I misunderstand your post?

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    But thanks to this magical software, we can help hundreds of players get their games back every day!
    This caught my eye. I know we have seen a lot of people post here upset over a lost game, but it seems there is something fundamentally wrong if hundreds of players a day are losing games.

    I'd guess some of that is probably just issues transferring to a new device I wonder how much of that is them restoring people banned by mistake.
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    Hi DD,
    One of the questions I posted on FB (when they where asked for in announcement of this interview) was about asking for help in AND outsied of the game.
    Reason for asking was more to give that information to new players and ppl uncommon with how to reach the CS
    That question is answered, although contact is never guaranteed.
    Another question was about how to bring ideas to the Devs. The question is asked and there is a reaction given, but if it is the answer we, all we're looking for?
    So yes and no I guess
    Really thankful for the time in this place called home and for keeping it a good place to keep coming back to
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cuddz View Post
    What is the point in giving them new ideas, they created a Wish List, then to appease us they created Frequently Suggested,
    Started well and they did implement a few things...then it it’s all ignored.
    Simple: it’s a trick. It’s the attempt to falsely make players believe their voice will be heard. Them, or any other gaming company, providing an outlet for players to give ideas, etc. gives the illusion they are keen to take that input in for consideration when that is never the case; I’ve seen it over and over on multiple game forums. All these types of lists do is grow and sit neglected, causing the company’s original claim to care and build loyalty to backfire. Odd that all the gaming employees at these various companies who have psychology degrees don’t figure this out. Oh wait!! — it’s because they DON’T ENGAGE with forums themselves!! — so they aren’t aware of the discontent that brews!!

    Illusion. Trickery. Psychological manipulation that desires to build brand loyalty (thinking you are part of a “community” where you can give your ideas with the hopes of bettering the game... so you invest your time and, more important to them, money, into their game.)

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    Thanks, Ruud I still tend to "No", as it's just pretending to answer, IMO. (esp. about the bot...)

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    Thank you Eagle.One,
    The way I typed it appeared as a question, but it is just the way I talk lol.
    I knew the answer lol, and so agree with all you have said.

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    I've just tried 7 times to contact customer support with this simple question -

    "Three of my friends are getting messages that they are unable to connect to the server, and I've seen on Facebook that many others have the same problem. Please could you tell us when this problem will be resolved. Thank you."

    Each time my conversation was closed by the bot (3 times telling me I didn't have enough RAM, which is irrelevant and inaccurate). Can anyone suggest what category I should choose to actually get past the bot and speak to a human? What has worked for you?

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