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Thread: Help! - Coins

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    Help! - Coins

    Is there any tricks on getting coins

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    Beat levels with lots of moves left and lots of undetonated power-ups on the board. Hit 200 coins on the daily spin wheel as often as you can. Watch video's for coins when available. Get further into the Gardenscapes story and have in game characters give you coins. None of those are really tricks, just the ways to gain coins.

    The big thing about coins is that people spend them faster than they can make them. Learning how to save coins is an excellent skill to have. Practice saving.

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    Once I stopped using coins to refill lives, I started to accumulate them like crazy. I did this by adding ~100 Gardenscapes players on facebook, which is basically the same as having permanent infinite lives

    If you are worried about privacy, you can add them to a "Restricted" list, which will let them only view your public profile.

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    How did I or WHY did I get -900.000 coins.. and how does it get straightened out

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    How did I or WHY did I get -900.000 coins.. and how does it get straightened out

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